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Mammalpedia mission

Keep your horse strong, healthy, & happy.

At Mammalpedia, we believe that every horse deserves to be happy. As a prey animal, your horse is smart and has a unique nature. We believe in creating a safe environment for the horse.

About us

The story behind Mammalpedia………

Growing up in the southern part of the USA, Mississippi, my brother and I were always really into the outdoors and horse riding.

And our obsession has a twisted root, actually…..

My father had a firm (I mean a hugeeee firm!!!!!) which he got from his ancestor. So all our siblings were fully engaged with farm work, cattle, goat rearing, ploughing, feeding chicks, weeding, and planting, etc. 

How thrilling those days were!!!!!

When I was in third grade, my grandpa (maternal grandfather) came to see us in the summer. And guess what? He came with his dog, LuLu, and a new friend for us.

We named him SILVER (Yeah, from the movie Lone Ranger).

…………. a fiery yet adorable stallion who becomes the new addition to our firm and our life in a couple of weeks.

Our horse wasn’t just a horse. He became our playmate, our therapist, and most importantly, our best friend. We used to get up in the morning on the earthy aroma of freshly picked forage and leather. 

That’s how our passion grows on the horse.

I have always adored the grace and courage that the horses carry in them. All sorts of breeds attract me, and I dreamed of living close to this amazing spiritual animal. And after 12 years of silver’s death, I own a horse firm (10 stallions & 15 beautiful mares & each have a funny name)

And my brother? 

He is now a famous horse rider and is practicing for the next European Title.

And this mammalpedia is all about our journey of managing and nurturing 25 horses along with their food, breeding, diseases, obstacle to Obtain Facility & Equipment and supervising farm employees. 

And we know you have to go through the same journey.

So let’s do this together.

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