How To Clean Leather Horse Riding Gloves? (Step by Step)

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Leather horse riding gloves are one of the essential riding accessories for maintaining hygiene. However, many users underestimate the importance of regular glove cleaning, which may promote the growth of germs and fungus on the gloves.

It is not only harmful to the hand’s skin but also to the glove’s durability. Do you know “How to clean leather horse riding gloves?”

Users can quickly clean their leather gloves by following a few simple procedures. A decent wipe with a soft damp towel is sufficient for regular cleaning. In contrast, deep cleaning will require using some mild cleansers, such as mild soaps. But if you want to avoid chemical leather cleaners, numerous natural alternatives are also available.

If you want to dig more into the cleaning procedure of leather gloves, go through the entire article. Readers can explore important cleaning information and answers to frequently asked questions. So, let’s begin.

Why do people wear horse riding gloves?

The significance of wearing gloves during horse riding is indescribable. Some of the critical functions of gloves are listed below.

[1] Offers higher grip: During winter, gloves help the riders have a better grip on the horse by keeping their hands warm. Heavy rain can also induce less control of the horse’s reins since hands become slippery. Gloves serve as a barrier to keep the hands dry.

[2] Protection from disease: Most people prefer not to wear gloves during the summer. It is a significant blunder that can cost you in the long term. 

A bacterium named Dermatophilus congolensis is prevalent in horses that can easily be transmitted from horse to rider and can induce diseases like mud fever, pitted keratolysis, and blisters. Moreover, gloves protect hands from insects when riding a horse in forest areas.

[3] Avoid suntan: Riding a horse for a long time with bare hands can result in hyperpigmentation on the hand’s skin. A pair of leather gloves can relieve the rider from this hassle.

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How to clean leather horse riding gloves without damaging them?

Maintenance of leather gloves is crucial not only for disease prevention but also for the longevity of leather gloves. But many people don’t know the proper cleaning procedure for leather gloves and end up damaging the gloves by using harsh chemicals.

So, in this section, I will discuss various cleaning procedures that are pretty simple to implement.

Procedure 1: Daily care

If the gloves are apparently clean and dry, wipe them up with a dry, soft cotton cloth. For extra care, one can follow the below procedure:

Procedure 2: Deep clean

According to the FDA, riders need to deeply clean their leather horse gloves after 4 hours of continuous wearing because leather gloves absorb sweat. Otherwise, the sweat will make the gloves’ surface harder as human sweat contains salts. Moreover, a sweaty pair of gloves is the perfect place for bacteria and fungi to develop. One can follow the below procedure for cleaning sweaty and smelly leather gloves:

Note: To avoid the inconvenience of clothes, one can put the gloves on their hands and then place their hands under the faucet for 3 seconds. It will wash the dirt from the upper surface. Then continue with the remaining steps as directed.

Procedure 3: Home remedies for cleaning smelly leather horse riding gloves

Many people avoid using chemical cleansers due to their effects on leather. You don’t have to spend money on chemical leather cleaning products if you do not want to! There are numerous available home remedies to clean smelly leather gloves. Follow the below process to make the most effective cleaning solution.


Are leather horse riding gloves washable in the washer?

It is not advisable to put leather horse gloves into the washer. If a person doesn’t have any other option but to put them into the washer, then make sure to use the mildest cleaning solution with a gentle cycle. Never use excessive detergent or cleaners like bleach while cleaning leather gloves. 

How to remove stains from leather horse gloves?

Generally, stains are removable with regular mild cleaners. However, diluted ammonia is an excellent treatment for stubborn stains that are not removable with typical cleaners.

Make a solution with one tablespoon of ammonia and four tablespoons of water. Gently rub on the spot with a soft towel and ammonia solution. The stain will disappear. 


Cleaning leather horse riding gloves requires proper knowledge of cleaning products and procedures as leather components are easily damaged by chemicals. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the leather gloves with a clean, damp cloth. If one needs to use leather cleaner, then choose a gentle one.

In this article, I have gone through several cleaning procedures. I hope the readers will find the information valuable and practical.

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