Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Arthritis In Horses? (3-Minute Read)

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“Apple cider vinegar is so much more than a delicious addition to a recipe,” says Amy Leigh Mercree.

Sooooo true.

And good news to horse lovers when they face medical issues like arthritis in their horses, apple cider vinegar is in support. But is apple cider vinegar good for arthritis in horses? What does the vet say about it?

Though no scientific proof has been found to back up the claim, it seems beneficial for arthritis in horses. The vinegar relieves the stiffness of the tissues when it breaks down the acid crystals formed in the horse joints. However, the amount of vinegar shouldn’t be more than one cup in a ratio 1:1 with water per day.  

The story doesn’t end here. 

Apple cider vinegar goes a long way in benefitting the horses. Let’s look into the matter to educate yourself more about the magic it can do to you.

Is apple cider good for horses?

The thing is…..Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid. 

The sugar of apple juice turns to alcohol by adding yeast. Added bacteria turn the alcohol into acetic acid. These very bacteria become the mother of the vinegar, making ACV a natural health source for humans and horses with arthritis issues.

Do horses like the taste of apple cider vinegar? Yeah, it seems okay with it (though it takes a little time).


Here is a list of Apple cider vinegar for horses’ benefits to utilizing apple cider vinegar.

Sr. No.Issues with horsesEffectiveness of Apple Cider Vinegar
1Digestion and PH balanceAcid cleans the stomach and absorbs minerals to balance the PH level
2ArthritisBreaks the acid crystals in joints to relieve pain
3Insect biteThe thiamine of ACV went into the body and excreted through the skin to discourage insect bites.
4Intestinal stonesThe high level of acid in ACV dissolves the stones in the horse intestine
5Stable equipmentWashing the stable equipment makes them more comfortable and soap free
6Paddock weedsACV Gives chemical-free cleaning from weeds in the paddock
7Change of drinking waterA little amount of ACV in the water of horses during traveling makes it drinkable
8.Hooves problemsMaking horse stand in ACV mixed water can treat hoof diseases such as seedy toe or thrush.

A word of caution……

To gain the benefits of apple cider vinegar, you must be more careful about the amount you consider in different cases. If the amount is not accurate, the vinegar can give the reverse effect.

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How much apple cider vinegar should I give my horse?

Yeah, that should be the burning question as a horse owner.

The standard for your adult horse is 50 ml daily, and for horses with heavy work to do, it rises to 100 ml daily.

Here is a twist…….

What you consider while giving your horse vinegar is not only the amount but other things as well:

Here are some dosage plans of apple cider vinegar for horses with different ailments.

Adding in water: The rate of adding ACV in water ranges from 1 cup of it 50 gallons of water to 1 cup of 6 gallons.

Adding in feed: In grain feed, you can add ¼ cup ACV. But remember to add it after diluting it in water on a ratio of 1:1.

Skin application: While you want it as an ointment to your skin, you add water in the ACV as 2:1 (apple cider vinegar: water).

Is apple cider good for horses?

And does apple cider vinegar treat thrush in horses?

Apple cider vinegar is a good option for treating and preventing thrush in horses due to its acidic nature.

Thrush is a bacterial infection in the horses’ heel or soft frog tissues. 

It often appears as a swollen part of the hoof, extra tenderness of the affected area, and a blackish, smelly discharge near the wound.


Thrush occurs when the horses stay longer in the urinated and dirty ground of the stable. Lame horses also get thrush due to a lack of healthy movement. Ill-positioned horseshoes or improper cleaning care also cause thrush.

Treatment with ACV

Apple cider vinegar has a strong fungus control power. Along with veterinary advice to treat the illness, acv is a natural cleanser for horse hooves. How much apple cider vinegar do I put in my horse’s water? There are two ways you can treat the ailment…..

1. Make a diluted mixture of ACV and water at 1:1 and spray the affected area twice daily.

2. Remove the horse’s hoof and clean it with a hoof pick. Wash it with water. Now, make a small pool of one-gallon water with one cup ACV and make your horse stand in it for 15-20 minutes. You can repeatedly repeat the procedure if your horse is patient enough to stand in it for longer. 

Can you add apple cider vinegar to the horses’ water?

Yes, you can add apple cider vinegar to horses’ water to enhance the taste of the water in travel cases. 

This basically works as a disguise for the taste of water. The horses stay undisturbed by the difference in water taste when away from home.

Amount to consider

You may start adding the vinegar in less amount at the start and increase it later to make the horse absorb the change quickly.

Additional benefit

Adding water to horses’ troughs can keep the algae away and make the water clean and less misty.

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Wait…….Can horses have human apple cider vinegar?

Yeah, talking about that liquid you used as food spice or marination helper.

You can do much more with apple cider vinegar to help your horse in his sickness. Yes, this is one of those special supplements that can work for both horses and humans. The elements of the apple cider vinegar work as a remedial agent to cure many of the problems they have.

Interesting, isn’t it?

It is to consider which acv is best for human and equine use to see how horses and humans benefit from apple cider vinegar.

The following areas show it works for both classes of living beings


Using apple cider vinegar for the arthritis of horses is not new, actually. It’s always been used as a natural remedy for years.

The best thing about using acv for this purpose and other treatments is that it is a natural supplement and doesn’t have any side effects like medicines.

A gentle reminder…..

You could not only use it to cure but to prevent the ailment. As said widely, Prevention is better than cure.

This product provides the best cure only when you consider its use at the right time, in the correct quantity, and under expert advice. 

Take good care of your pony, Folks!

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