Curious Mind: Can Horses Eat Green Apples? (Important Facts)

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A shiny green apple is a delicious fruit to bite into – Not just for humans, but for horses TOO!

And you know what?

Apple is a popular equine fruit and has been used for centuries by horse owners as a healthy treat option. We all know this fruit is high in fiber and minerals and is a good source of antioxidants.

But what about the green one? Do horses eat apples?

Can They Eat Green Apples?

Why are green apples good for horses?

Raw apples contain different vitamins including…..

The antioxidants eliminate damaged molecules from the body, preventing inflammation. 

As per many horse owners, horses prefer eating raw apples compared to other treats. Raw apples are a healthy and safest treat for horses as long as you feed a couple of them in a day. If you feed more than 2 apples in a single day, your horse will face digestive issues.

Interestingly, horses eat cooked apples too. 

It is also a delicious item for them. Make sure to cook raw apples for your horse instead of other varieties like Fuji, Red, Pink, Golden, or Honeycrisp apples. 

The good news is…..

You can feed raw apple peel to your horse. Raw apple peel consists of extra fiber that benefits the horse’s digestive system. Also, make sure to buy apples directly from the source. 

Here is a little secret……

Sometimes, your horse may not want to walk. In this case, an apple can be useful. Keep 1 or 2 apples in your pocket and reward him for moving forward. Your horse will surely go for a walk with you.

When feeding an apple to your horse for the first time, give him time to adjust to the new food. If he feels fine, your horse shouldn’t be any problem after consuming apples.

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When are green apples bad for horses?

Truly, apples are one of the safest treats for horses. 

They simply love apples regardless of apple color. This means they prefer green apples.

Still, confused Are apples toxic to horses?

If you are thinking about apple seeds containing poisonous cyanide, let me clarify it. The amount of toxicity is extremely low. It means a few seeds will not be a concern for your horse.

But, green apples can create a problem if you are incautious enough. Be aware of the below factors when feeding green apples to your horse.

Horses suffering from dental problems

Due to the crunchy texture of apples, chewing is a must. Horses with dental problems can have issues chewing apples. This treat may not be an ideal choice for them.

However, if you still want to feed them green apples, cut the apples into pieces, and peel off the skin. This way, your horse will not experience trouble swallowing the apples without chewing.

Meanwhile, for horses with no teeth, it would be best to prepare the apples in such a way that makes them easier and softer to swallow. A blender or food processor will be beneficial in this case to puree the green apples.

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Horses with metabolic problems

Some horse owners claim their horses have metabolic problems like insulin and Cushing’s resistance.

As stated earlier, the % of sugar in an apple is pretty high. For this reason, apples are prohibited for horses with metabolism problems.

Happily, you can provide healthier treats to them instead of green apples.

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Horses having hyperkalemic periodic paralysis

Horses with HYPP problems can’t handle potassium. As a result, they face severe complications in their muscles.

So, green apples are a good treat for horses if your horse doesn’t have dental, metabolic, and HYPP complications.

How should I feed an apple to a horse? Can you give a horse a whole apple?

Well, horses are good at eating whole apples.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that they take the fruit with the lips, not the teeth. That’s why it is safe to keep the apple on your palm and spread it so that he/she can take the fruit in comfort.

If you are feeding an apple to a horse, make sure the apple is fresh. 

Can horses choke on apples? Usually No. But it can happen if the horse gets too excited seeing the apple and chews too fast. For those crazy creatures, it’s better to cut the apple into smaller pieces.

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So…….How many apples a day can a horse eat?

You can feed green apples to horses – that doesn’t mean green apples can be treated as the main palate for horses.

Feed 1 or 2 apples a day to your horse and avoid overfeeding.

If you overfeed, be sure your horse will have an upset stomach. Horses have an incredibly fragile digestive system; without a proper diet, they can face upset stomach problems.

More apple consumption may take your horse to the veterinarian, and I believe you don’t want to visit a vet because it will increase costs.

In order to keep your horse happy and healthy, the best thing is to cut an apple in half, feed one-half in the morning, and save the rest for the afternoon. Thus, your horse will be happy and can avoid an upset stomach.


Can horses be allergic to apples?

Yes, horses can be allergic to apples when your horse has a belly full of apples. It also can lead to drowning.

Apple contains protein that causes allergy when consumed at a high level. To get rid of this type of allergy, cook the apple, which will destroy the allergen items, preventing an allergic reaction. 

Include apples to your horse food list by consulting a reputed veterinarian.

Can apples cause colic?

Yes, apples can cause colic in horses if you feed a large amount of them. So, don’t give your horse more than 1 or 2 apples in a single day.

Moreover, ensure your horse doesn’t have access to windfall apples from a wild tree.


Why do horses like apples?

Apples are a favorite treat among horses because they are sweet and high in fiber. The natural sugars found in apples provide horses with a burst of energy, while the fiber helps them to feel full for longer.

Horses also enjoy the crunchy texture of apples, which can help to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Do horses eat apples whole?

Yes, horses can eat apples whole.

How many apples can a horse eat a day?

The amount of apples a horse can eat in a day depends on the size of the horse and the type of apple.

What kind of apples do horses like

Horses generally don’t have a preference when it comes to apples, as they will eat most varieties.

Final verdict

I barely found a horse not loving green apples as a treat. 

Your horse will surely “thank you” when you give a green apple. This fruit is natural, nutritious, and crunchy, and you have to worry a little to feed your horse 1 or 2 in a single day. 

Remember, always feed fresh and new apples. At the same time, feed green apples to these horses who can handle potassium and sugar content. Moreover, too much of it can cause colic, gastric problems, and allergic reaction. 

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