Can Horses Eat Parsnips? Unveiling the Surprising Truth

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Horses are lovely and sensitive pets. They primarily intake grass and hay, but can also eat many other fruits and vegetables. A horse owner must know about the benefits and risks of different horse diets.

Horses can eat parsnips. They find this vegetable very tasty. It is quite beneficiary for them. But excessive intake of the mentioned vegetable can be dangerous. Often too much eating of Parsnips causes health issues in horses. 

Let’s know more about the pros and cons of parsnips in horse diet. 

The nutritional value of parsnips

Parsnips are a root vegetable native to Eurasia. Its scientific name is Pastinaca Sativa. Parsnips belong to the flowering family Apiaceae. The genus of this vegetable is Pastinaca. There are many nutritional benefits of this vegetable. Not only for humans, but this vegetable also has significant nutrients for other animals. 

Here is a chart that contains the nutritional value of 100gram parsnips:

Nutrition nameAmount(per 100g)% Daily Value
Dietary Fibre4.9g19%

The information is provided by USDA research. There are some essential minerals present in parsnips. These minerals are important for animal bodies. The most common minerals found in this vegetable are: 

Vitamin C28%
Vitamin B65%
Iron 3%

These are the available nutrients in the mentioned vegetable. This vegetable has fiber. Fibre is very important for digestion. If you have a horse, you already know horses have very sensitive stomachs. This vegetable plays a significant role in good digestion. 

Can horses eat parsnips?

Yes, Horses can eat parsnips. Parsnips are very nutritious for horses. As a horse owner, you must know what is good for your horse. Carrots are very fine treats for horses. Carrots and parsnips have similar nutrition in them. You can feed your horse both of these vegetables. 

Parsnips are excellent sources of plant fiber. These fibers are soluble and great for the digestion system of horses. But you should not feed too much parsnips to your horse. 

The natural food of horses is grass and hay. Parsnips should be given to the horses. But the main diet should be grass. Giving too many parsnips will occur health issues in your horses. But this vegetable is healthy for the horses at the same time.

So, you should give your horse a proper limit. The proper way to give parsnips to your horse is discussed later. 

Can Horses Eat Parsnips

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Potential risks and benefits of feeding parsnips to horses

Horses receive both benefits and some drawbacks from eating Parsnips. Every owner should be aware of these risks and advantages. After knowing it, you can decide if you want to add this to your horse’s diet. Now, let’s know the potential risks of feeding parsnips:

How to feed parsnips to horses?

Many horse owners and caretakers do not know how to feed parsnips to their horses. However, you can give your horse Parsnips but a few things should be kept in mind. 

In this manner, you can feed parsnips to your horses. But be careful about the limit of feeding. Too much feeding of this vegetable is not safe at all.

Tips for feeding parsnips safely to horses

Horse owners and caretakers must know some tips before feeding their pets. The growth and health of your horse depend on these tips and techniques of feeding. As there are some risks of feeding this vegetable to your horse, you must know about these tips.  


Horses might be benefited and be affected at the same time by parsnips. These vegetables have certain useful elements in them. But it should not be a regular diet for horses. It has side effects that can make your horse sick. 

You should be aware of the limit of feeding in the case of parsnips. Horse owners must know how the process this vegetable before giving them to their horses. Follow all the tips and techniques mentioned before you give this delicious treat to your pets.   


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