Is It Safe to Feed Your Horse Runner Beans? (Read This First!)

By Zunnun Ahmed •  Updated: 09/25/22 •  4 min read

We hear it being said all the time…….

Adding a few ounces of veggies a day can turn a regular horse diet into renewed vitality.

……& nourishment.

But the first question that pops up in your mind is what vegetables are good for horses

Yes, ponies are herbivores, and their digestive tract is designed to process a plant-based diet. But that doesn’t mean they can eat all the plants and veggies raw. 

Take beans, for example. Can horses eat runner beans?

Well, Runner beans are safe for humans & livestock (horses, cattle, goats, and donkeys) once cooked. Raw Runner beans contain a poisonous compound called alkaloids, which potentially cause liver damage.

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But first, let’s see what runner beans are, and are runner beans edible for horses?

Runner beans, also known as butter beans, are a healthy veg plot staple plant.

Oh, one interesting fact is they are from legume families.

The green big and flat green plant has a long stem and small, purple pods. The beans are often boiled or baked as a dish and are eaten by humans and livestock.

So, where does this delicious bean come from?

Native to Central and South America, nowadays, a popular veggie item you will find in every grocery. These beans are often quite popular in the vegan diet to help you maintain your energy levels during long runs or races.

Talked enough as human food. Let’s talk about livestock.

What animals eat runner beans? Can you feed runner beans to horses?

Yes, runner beans are a safe horse if it’s cooked. The raw beans contain toxic alkaloids for humans and other livestock.

Is It Safe to Feed Your Horse Runner Beans?

The nutritional value of runner beans- Is there any sugar in runner beans?

The main thing that makes runner beans an awesome food is that they are naturally fat-free yet packed with Vitamins, minerals, fiber, or omega 3.


The biggest exciting news for those who want to eat a lot without gaining weight. Instead of bad fat, they contain healthy fat.

“Runner beans are a source of healthy fats that can help you lose weight and improve your health”, says Jeffrey C. Smith, M.D., an obesity specialist at Rush University Medical School in Chicago.

Sounds too good to be true?

Let me show you the Nutritional Information of 100g of raw runner beans.

Protein 1.6g
Fat                              0.4g

Besides this, a bundle of micronutrients makes it a good addition to your healthy diet. These six micronutrients are….

That’s not all……these legumes contain two much-needed phytochemicals-

Can horses eat raw green beans? How to feed runner beans to horses?

A big No to raw runner bean.

We already mentioned that raw beans contain a toxic compound that may harm humans and livestock.

Instead of feeding butter beans raw, you can cook them and add them to their regular diet. Why runner bean? Are there any possible benefits of feeding runner beans to horses?

The good fiber makes gut health stronger. At the same time, vitamin A & C health livestock reproduction. Runner beans are a healthy snack choice for people who want to stay fit and lose weight.

A word of caution….. Don’t confuse them with Kidney beans.

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Final words

Yes, they are totally safe once they are cooked.

Changing things up on a diet is always essential.

So these beans could be a great addition to the menu. You can add these greens to your horse’s diet for added nutrition once or twice a week. But keep in mind moderation is the key (always).

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