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Being around horses is always so calming yet exciting.

Does this sound like you?

You are not alone. Here is what Washington State University found – “Youth who work with horses experience a substantial stress reduction – and the evidence lies in kids’ saliva”.

And the good news is…..

You can take “Horse Farrier” as a career path to be around this awesome majestic creature. This is not just about pursuing passion, you can earn pretty decent money from it as a career.

A soul-satisfying and at the same time well-paying!!!!!

What else can you expect from a career? Being a farrier is far more thrilling than you think. Today we’re gonna talk about different topics regarding Farriery as a career.

Horse Farrier: what is it actually? What does an Equine hoof specialist do?

A farrier is a skilled person who knows how to care for horses’ hooves and shoeing. In a word- Equine hoof-care professionals.

Thinking farrier is a new concept?

Hell No.

The root is way before you think. In fact, Farrier is a French word that means blacksmith. In the mid-1300th century, the king of England dedicated a shoer of horses at court to be the ferrour des chivaux. In England, this career is kinda prestigious.

What is the job of an Equine hoof specialist?

In modern times, Farriers are more versatile- part blacksmith and part veterinarian. If you are thinking of taking this path, you have to use your eyes, brain, motor nerves, and muscles to finish the work.

Here is the key responsibility of a horseshoeing specialist:

Horse Farrier

Advantages of working as an Equine foot care expert

Beyond their attractive features, horses have incredible memory skills, decent IQ, and the exceptional ability to cope with the weather. Here are some pros of taking Equine podiatrist as a career.

Working with exceptional animal

Being around the horse was your fascination, right? Then this could be your dream job. Plus, not only one, you have to deal with various horses on different farms.

Choosing my schedule

Nothing compares with the freedom of deciding the time of work on your own time.

Admit it.

And this is the main reason why people are really interested in taking this career. You can take the farm visit appointment on your own terms. Customize your work time according to your preference.

Being my own boss

Unless you work full-time as a worker, you have the luxury of being your own boss and customizing your work time according to your preference.

Disadvantages of working as a farrier

Managing undisciplined horses

Though most domestic horses are gentle and friendly, you have to understand that they are wild by nature. And some horses are stubborn, undisciplined, and really tough to handle.

Deal with the uneducated owner of the horse

Another big problem is dealing with different horse owners. Not all of them are passionate Equestrians. There is some owner who is not into horses and just does this to make money. Dealing with this owner and educating them and the well-being of the horse is sometimes a real nightmare.

What skills do you need to be an Equine hoof specialist? Is it a good career?

That’s a good question!

The necessary skills of a farrier would be:

Non-allergic to horses

That’s obvious, isn’t it?

How could you work with the stuff you are allergic to? So before jumping into (or thinking too) this path, check out whether you are ok with this awesome creature or not. 

It’s easy, all you have to do is go around horses and ponies or maybe pet them for a while and see if you feel any discomfort or reaction. If not, then you are medically ok to pursue this career.

Physically strong & hardworking

Horses are strong.

And working with this creature needs a lot of strength. We are not saying you gotta be a bodybuilder but will definitely need muscles to handle ponies. And as it’s an outdoor job where you have to move around a lot, a hard-working mentality is a must.

Craft skill

Farrier literally means blacksmith or craftsman.

If you have an interest in it, you gotta master the craft. You may ask Crafting of what? Well, crafting or shoeing all types of equine feet.

Power of observation

Hooves have complex tissue and a lot is related to this. A hoof care expert must have the ability to notice and pay close attention to the problem.

How to become an equine hoof specialist?

There are different paths to take in this career. But the main basic three methods are-

#1 Taking a formal college course:

There are various institutes offering farrier courses right now. The length of these courses varies from Level to level. From one year of short courses to a full 4 years of honors, you will find all types of course lengths.

For example- A Level 2 Access to Farriery course takes around 1 year to finish In the UK. The farrier qualifications are- 2 or more GCSEs in grades 9 to 3 (A* to D), or equivalent.

#2 Opt for an approved apprenticeship

An approved apprenticeship is the practical way to learn any skill.


That’s because, with the apprenticeship, you will develop hands-on skills on equine and vet-related issues under an expert supervisor. But make sure that you take the lesson from someone certified and Pro at it.

#3 Training with the army

You heard that right.

In the UK, The Army School of Farriery trains people who are interested in making a career in this. This is because horses have played a crucial role in the Army and defense for centuries. (Read details about horse foot maintenance equipment).

Let’s talk about Income! How much money can a horse hoof maintenance expert make?

Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

There are bunches of stuff associated with fixing the salary. Some of the main factors are-

That’s not all! Some farm owners also evaluate their qualifications through formal education and certificates. On the other hand, some prefer hoof experts with long experience.

The good news is…… the farrier salary is skyrocketing. A survey found that the yearly income has risen by 11% in the last 2 years.

Good for you!

On average, for full-time, you can expect anything from 100k to 120k dollars. And for the part-time, it’s 25k to 3k$.


Is it hard to become a horseshoeing specialist? Or Is the work difficult physically?

Not difficult, but as we said you have to be physically fit to handle this powerful animal.

Can a woman be an equine hoof specialist?

Yes, they can but the ratio is really small. There are fewer than three thousand female farriers in the United States.

How long does it take to become a farrier in the United States?

It depends on the way you choose to train yourself. But more or less, it will typically take 48 months.

Verdict – Is equine hoof specialist a good career for you?

As you can see, the farrier’s career is so versatile.

…..And fun!

But keep in mind that Farrier School is only the tip of the iceberg. And every horse is unique. Here is a recap of the whole article so that you can take your decision at a glance.

Average Salary3000$-100k$
Typical hours40-45 hours
Work typeAs a contractor / self-employed
Way to become an equine foot care experta college course approved apprenticeship training with the army
SkillsTrimming, cleaning, horseshoeing
RegistrationUSA: AFA (American Farrier Association UK: ATF (Approved Training)
Is registration mandatory?in the UK- Yes, you must obtain a certificate USA- this is not necessary for the US

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