Can You Use Horse Shampoo On Dogs? (Important Facts)

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Grooming is essential in maintaining the skin of your animals and pets clean and smooth. That is why you should get the right shampoo to suit the different types of hair for other species.

What if you have a dog and a horse, can you use horse shampoo on dogs? The answer is yes! Many professional groomers use the best horse shampoo when grooming dogs.

Horses have sensitive skin, so equine shampoo should work well on your dogs. Let’s dig deeper into some important facts you should know about using horse soap on dogs.

Can you use horse shampoo on dogs?

Absolutely! Horse shampoo works perfectly on dogs. Horses and dogs have almost the same coat although it might vary depending on the breed.

Check the product description of horse shampoo and dog shampoo, and you will notice they contain the same ingredients. so, horse shampoo will certainly work well for your dog.

The only thing you should be keen on is the amount of medicated horse shampoo you use on your dog. horses are bigger mammals so the formula can be concentrated.

Therefore, use just a small amount on your dog. Medicated shampoo for horses leaves your dog’s skin beautiful and shiny.

Can You Use Horse Shampoo On Dogs

What type of horse shampoo can you use?

Wondering which type of equine shampoo you can use on your dog? don’t worry, let me show you which!

Mane n tail medicated shampoo for horses is good for grooming your dog. This is a non-toxic shampoo that doesn’t hurt dogs. It does an amazing job of cleaning your dog’s coat without causing any skin problems.

For a dog with a specific hair or uncommon skin condition, mane n tail might not be the best pick for you. In that case, get pet shampoo specifically for dogs.

And it doesn’t stop there!

You can also use Truly Natural dog and horse. This is another high-quality head-to-tail shampoo that leaves your horse and dog’s coat silky. The shampoo works best for the mane, body, and tail. It doesn’t contain toxic substances and it is gentle on the skin.

The shampoo contains natural ingredients and is suitable for any hair type. It removes grime, dirt, and mites. The shampoo conditions your dog and horse’s coat, making it soft and healthy.

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What is the risk if you use horse shampoo?

Horse shampoo will not certainly hurt the dog’s skin. What can hurt your dog is using horse shampooing products like brushes. It is good to get dog products that are gentle on your pet’s skin to avoid skin problems.

Horses have tough skin, so they can withstand tough scrubbing, which dogs can’t. Only use grooming tools purposely designed for dogs.

For dogs with sensitive skin, dry skin, itchy skin, irritated skin, or any other skin issue, consult your vet before using mane shampoo. Your vet might recommend using specific shampoo made to suit any condition. If your dog is allergic to horses, avoid using horse shampoo on them.

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Differences between horse shampoo and dog shampoo

Horse shampoo and dog shampoo contain almost similar ingredients, however, they are slightly different. The most obvious difference is that they are made for different skin types. Dogs have more sensitive skin than horses so their shampoos are gentler compared to horse shampoos.

Another notable difference between the two shampoos is horse shampoos clean dirt and eliminate parasites. The shampoos have highly concentrated ingredients to clean horses effectively since they are big animals.

On the other hand, dog shampoos have natural ingredients that prevent parasites. These shampoos are made to soothe itchy or dry skin. Some dog shampoos also have essential oil that moisturizes flaky or dry skin



Horses and dogs are two lovely animals that many homeowners keep. It can be difficult to know which grooming products are best for both. While you can choose to use spate shampoos for dogs and horses, there is no problem if you use horse shampoo on dogs because it is non-toxic. 

You can easily find different shampoos that are safe for dogs and horses. This makes them ideal if you have both animals. Some of the top shampoos for horses and dogs have natural ingredients like aloe vera and natural oils that promote healthy skin, hair growth, and thicker hair on horse’s coats and dogs alike.

There are no ingredients in horse shampoos that can harm dogs. Be sure to check and ensure the shampoo is not medicated purposely to suit horses.

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