Best Hoof Hardener for Barefoot (Natural+ Medical Formulations + Supplements)

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An uncertain environment or continuous changes from wet to dry is not a pleasant experience for us. But it’s not just humans who suffer in dry environments – horses do too.

Especially, take a huge toll on their hoof.

When the ground is wet, horses’ hooves absorb moisture and become softer and more pliable. But when the ground dries out, the hooves become harder and more brittle, which can lead to cracks and other problems. And this is particularly risky for barefoot horses.

What’s the solution?

You can’t change or control the environment or circumstance. What you can do is take various methods for hoof hardening. Applying the best hoof hardener for barefoot is the ideal treatment.

Apart from commercial hoof hardeners, you can try to have good hoof health naturally and may give your pony a little supplement to work from inside.

First, understand what is the ideal barefoot horse hoof

An ideal barefoot horse hoof will be 100% sound regardless of the terrain type.

How do you know its sound?

When the hoof is tapped using a hard object, the sound will be solid instead of hollow. Another sign is Healthy hooves will be strong and blemish-free. 

Plus, Strong and supportive heels are another characteristic of healthy hooves. Here is some other characteristic that indicates your pony has a perfectly fine hoof.

How can I harden my horse’s hooves naturally?

Horse hooves are prone to bruise and break over time. 

But the good news is the hoof problem can be solved naturally. All you need to do is follow the below tips.

#1. Ensure a clean environment

It’s a must!

Promote your horse’s hoof health by providing a clean environment. The horse stall must be mud-free and dry as much as possible. 

Also, ensure the shelter area’s drainage system has enough space. This way, your horse can avoid wet, muddy areas while leaving the stall. 


The muddy, worse surface is the prime reason for the poor-quality hooves of a horse. Keeping the floor dry and moisture-free is the main key to naturally ensuring a hardened horse’s hooves.

#2. Balanced diet

Is your horse getting all the nutrients it requires? 

Consult a veterinarian regarding the diet plan of your horse. Make sure all the necessary nutrients are available in the diet plan.

Horses with cracked hooves require more food containing B vitamins. 

Alfalfa contains water-soluble B vitamin, a natural food confirming healthy hoof growth. It will surely improve the wall quality of the hooves in new growth.

#3. Try homemade hoof hardener

Before jumping to commercial hoof hardeners available on the market, you should first try making a natural hoof hardener made at home. Here’s a simple recipe that you can try:

Mix 1 spoonful of all of the ingredients and apply it to the affected area. 

#4. Promote blood circulation

Smooth and straight growth of hooves significantly relies on blood circulation to the solar papillae and tubular. 

Now, come to the main point:

How to encourage blood flow on the horse hooves? 

Promote foot growth through exercise. Also, regular activities are a crucial point. Moreover, blood circulation gets supported by the hoof-trimming method.

Didn’t heal naturally? Here is 3 best hoof hardener for barefoot to keep your horse’s hooves in tip-top shape

Hoof hardeners are efficient enough to protect the hoof of your horse. They prevent damaging conditions like contracted heels, splits, cracks, etc. here is our review on the best hoof hardener for horse barefoot.

#1. Keratex hoof hardener khh 250

Keratex hoof hardener khh 250

The most popular hoof is harder out there.

And we’re not surprised actually.

The Keratex KHH 250 Hoof Hardener moisturizes the cracked soles deeply. This is the ultimate solution for your horse’s wet or cracking feet. It effortlessly heals the cracks, making your horse comfortable and happy even in barefoot.


The prime ingredients of this hood hardener are……

Each ingredient is intended to perform proficiently.

The Ethyl and methyl alcohol prevent the cracking process. Also, Methyl Salicylates remove dead skin cells. While the healing process gets promoted because of the Glycerine. It nourishes the hooves by eliminating the infection.

The formula of this hoof hardener is rich in protein, promoting rapid growth.

Application direction

Applying the hoof hardener is so simple. 

Note: Avoid using the tropical product once the application is done to avoid the allergic issue. If you notice improvement, start applying twice a week.

Which condition is best for this hardener?

This hardener is best for wet feet. 

The formula also works for dry conditions. It prevents hoof cracking and makes sure the horse hooves are breathing properly. Additionally, Keratex is a skin-friendly hoof gel suitable for all horses breed.

The drawback of this hardener

It is pricey and runs faster. So, users have to buy it frequently, spending a lot of bucks.

#2. Farnam rainmaker triple action hoof oil

Farnam rainmaker triple action hoof oil

Planning to condition and restore your horse’s damaged hoofs? 

The Farnam Rain Maker Triple Action Hoof Oil will probably be the lifesaver for your pony. It absorbs daily shocks and eliminates splits, cracks, etc.

More importantly……

The hoof oil has an advanced formula, making the hooves stronger than before. Your horse will barely have painful problems after applying it.


The hoof oil comes with a big ingredient list-blended with natural & medical ingredients. Let’s see the ingredients…

Animal protein transports the required nutrients across the body. As a result, tissue repair and growth are promoted. Moreover, the White petroleum leaves a shiny appearance on a horse’s hooves. 

And the healing aloe Vera-the pure wonder of nature!!!

Aloe vera oil minimizes the pain associated with wound healing.

In addition, pine tar helps maintain the hooves’ health and pliability. Simultaneously, it stops hooves from splitting and cracking.

Application direction

It is mandatory to clean and dry the hooves before applying this oil.

If you need to repeat the treatment, don’t hesitate to do it. Similar to all other standard hoof hardeners, brush it once or twice a week.

Which condition is best for this hardener?

This hoof hardener works well in both dry and wet conditions. Your horse will never have a cracked hoof on the hot, dry summer or rainy days.

The drawback of this hardener

The product is damn gooey. It takes time to dry. Thus, when your horse walks on dirty surfaces, it creates dirt on the hoof wall. 

3# Farnam horseshoers secret hoof sealant 

Farnam rainmaker triple action hoof oil

Brittle and cracked hooves are painful, undoubtedly. 

Give your horse comfort and prevent damaged hooves by applying the Farnam Horseshoers Secret Hoof Sealant. This oil really cleans up minor infections. This is an ideal choice for infected and soft hooves.


The active ingredient of this hardener is Methyl Methacrylate.

This ingredient is known as the “snap cure,” offering faster curing time. Moreover, it is renowned for supporting the horses’ hooves in severe conditions.

And you know what?

Sealing essential moisture under dry conditions is a promise of this hoof oil. Simple use formula helps to lock in or lockout moisture. In fact, it ensures a healthy balance of moisture in the hooves. Also, moisture gets sealed because of its quick-drying, waterproof formulation.

Application direction

Avoid brushing over the coronary band and heel. If you need to apply an additional coat, ensure the previous layer is completely dried.

Which condition is best for this hardener?

This hood oil is best for wet, dry, and soggy conditions. 

It offers effective results from the first use. The hardener is a proven product, boasting antibacterial and disinfectant properties.

The drawback of this hardener

The oil can melt easily if you follow improper storage procedures. Also, you can’t apply it around the shoe nails like all other conditioners.

Let’s talk about the alternative way…..what supplements harden horse’s hooves?

The supplement is a good solution for healing hoof problems. Supplements can prevent……………

Horse owners must follow a few management strategies to keep their hooves healthy. Here are a few top-rated supplements for hardening horses’ hooves.

#1. Platinum performance equine

Platinum performance equine

Renowned veterinarians developed the formula of the Platinum Performance Equine

Not just hooves, It is formulated to support the horse’s muscles and joints health. The active ingredients are Flax Oil, Flax Seed, Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Folic Acid.

The feeding directions of this supplement must be followed carefully. 

0.5-1 scoop is recommended for 150-350 lbs. of a horse. Moreover, the recommended scoop for a 351-700 lbs. and 701-2200 lbs. horse is 1-2 and 2-4, respectively.



#2. Life data farrier’s formula for horse

Life data farrier’s formula for horse

The Life Data Farrier’s Formula for Horse provides healthy and strong hood growth nutrients. 

The best part?

Your horse will experience a fast growth of hoof heel, frog, sole, and wall. Also, its formula supports a thick hoof wall structure.

This supplement can be added as a top dressing. You can also feed your horse separately. It is a good choice for competition horses too for a doping-free formula. For every 500 lbs. of weight, provide ½ cup of Life Data Farrier’s Formula.



#3. Smart hoof ultra pellets

Smart hoof ultra pellets

Looking for a sustainable solution for weak hooves? 

The SmartHoof Ultra Pellets offer more aggressive nutritional support. This supplement supports healthy and strong hoof wall growth. 

The key ingredients are threonine, methionine, Vitamin C, and lysine. All these ingredients are crucial to ensure a healthy hoof wall. A horse weighing 500-1000 lbs. should feed 1 scoop of SmartHoof Ultra Pellets. 




Your horse will live healthily if you guarantee a strong, crack-free hoof. 

Admit it!

Yes, hoof hardeners are great for solid horse hooves and protect sensitive toe tips from hard surfaces. But, only applying a hoof hardener is not the only solution for a damage-free hoof. 

Maintaining a balanced diet, trimming the hoof, confirming periodic farrier care, etc., are crucial at the same time. Be proactive regarding your horse’s overall health.

Good luck ya’ll!

Zunnun Ahmed

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