How Much Wood Horse Fence Cost: Is It Worthy? Read Details!

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The first rule to dealing with a horse is never to leave it alone to graze. Horses love to wander around, and their chance of getting lost is relatively high. So, how can you prevent that? It’s by adding a fence around your property. 

But horses are quite large and robust, so typical wire fences won’t be enough to keep them in. Owners often prefer wooden fences as they are sturdy and visible. Now the question is, how much does a wood horse fence cost? 

In 2023, a wooden fence can cost $10 to $45 per foot. The range is extensive. Is it worth the money? Can you rely on it for your horse’s safety?

Type of WoodCost per Linear Foot
Pine$10 to $30
Cedar$15 to $40
Redwood$20 to $45

Be a little patient and dig deeper into the article. We are going to answer every question you may have.

Details about wood horse fence cost

Wooden fences are comparatively more expensive than any regular wired fence. Still, why is it so popular? Well, they are visible to paddocks and certainly stronger. Horses tend to check out the fence by chewing it and running into it. To withstand all these, good quality wood is highly needed. That’s why wooden horse fences cost a little more. 

The main element which decides 60% of the cost of horse fencing is wood. Your total bill depends on the type of wood you use for fencing. If you choose to use pine wood, vinyl, etc., it can be costly, costing you up to $5000 for a large property. However, they need minor maintenance and last 50 years. 

But what if you are on a budget and can’t afford pinewood? What options do you have? You can use oaks, cedar, and fir wood. They are less expensive, costing approximately $2000 to $3000. But they can sustain for 10-20 years if you maintain them regularly.

Wood horse fences usually have 3 to 4 rails or panels. Some owners add more rails if their horse is larger and tends to jump over obstacles. It is also applicable to horses under jump training. Additional panels also add more to the expense. 

Other than the materials, you will also have to pay installation fees if you hire a professional to do the job. Though it will raise the horse fence cost, it will save you time and energy. 

when increase horse fence cost

Wood horse fence cost per foot

Depending on the wood and materials you are using, a wood horse fence can cost you from $10 to $35 per linear foot. It includes two fence posts, three rails or panels, and installation costs. If you decide to increase the number of panels, or height of the post, it will charge you more. 

What we have mentioned is an estimated wood horse fence cost. It can always change with the market price rising and calling. That’s why it is better to have an idea about the prices of wood posts, panels, gates, etc., individually. Then, you can measure your property and calculate the total cost easily. 

How to calculate?

Are you confused about how to calculate the total horse rail fence cost? Let us show you the easiest way to do it. 

Even though you have an approximate cost, it is better to calculate 20%-30% extra of the total amount. 

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When increases cost?

You are the one to decide how to build your horse fence. So do you want it very tall or short? Do you want to add decorative items to it? What kind of wood have you decided to use? Your choice will significantly impact the total cost of horse fencing. 

1. Fencing materials

If you choose redwood or pine for your fence base, it will surely cost you a lot. After all, these woods are appropriately treated and highly valuable. It can increase your total cost by up to 30%-40%. On the other hand, if you use cedar, oak, and cypress, the final price will be much lower. 

2. Fence length 

The usual fence length is around 150 to 160m. The more area you want to cover, the more materials you need. And hence, the horse fencing cost will be much higher than the regular. 

3. Fence height 

For horses, 3 or 4 rails fences are enough to stay protected. Typical three or 4-rail horse fences are 1.5m or 5-6 feet high. If you want to add more height to the fence, you will need to get longer fence posts. Along with that, the panel number on the fence will also increase. You wouldn’t want to leave too much space between the rails for an intruder to sneak in. 

With the increase in height, horse fence prices also rise.

4. Installation by professionals

Do you want to install the fence by yourself? Or do you plan to hire a local fence installation company? If you take the matter into your hand, it will save you a decent amount of money. Getting professionals can increase the cost of horse fences per acre up to $1700-$4000. (Check the wood fence labor cost calculator).

5. Gates installation

It’s not necessary to install a wooden gate in a wood fence. You can also install steel ones or other entrances. However, the gate’s price varies according to its material. 

6. Decorations

You can paint the fence and have them carved and designed if you want. They will give your fence and property an excellent look. However, it will also increase the total cost of installing a fence. 

7. Extra services

Sometimes you may require extra services from the installation company. For example- if you need to pull out your previous fence or break concrete, the company will add an additional charge. 

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How to reduce cost?

If you have a tight budget and want to stay within the predetermined amount, you can use some tricks to reduce costs. Here are a few if you ever need them:


1. How much does it cost to repair a wood horse fence?

It depends on the amount of damage to your fence. Generally, when a wood fence is damaged from a storm, harsh weather, or insects, it costs roughly $100-$500. 

2. How long does a wood fence last?

Typically any wood horse fence lasts for 10-15 years. However, if you can maintain it regularly and properly, it can sustain for 40-50 years. 

3. How long does it take to install a fence?

Professionals can install a standard-sized fence within 2-3 days. However, it can vary depending on the weather condition. In harsh weather, it can take up to 5-7 days. 

4. What wood is best for a horse fence?

Oak is the ideal choice for a wooden horse fence. It is strong, sturdy, and durable. The pricing is also affordable, which makes it preferable. 

wooden horse fence problems

Final thoughts

You can not help building a fence around your territory if you have horses. Horses are expensive, and you can’t risk losing them, right? But again, regular wire fences won’t work with horses as they are strong and large. So, the most affordable option you have left is wooden fences. 

This article tells you about the approximate wood horse fence cost. But you should remember that it can vary. Look at different stores in your area and get the materials at a reasonable price before finally installing a secure fence for your horses.

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