Wild Horse Names: 49 Powerful Names with Meaning

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Ever wondered what a wild horse is called? Or pondered what to name your wild stallion or mare that suits their wild spirit? Mustangs, commonly referred to as wild horses, are a representation of independence and fortitude. They’ve been integral to numerous folklore and legends, often celebrated for their untamed nature. 

In this article, we’ll suggest naming your wild horse. We’ll go into a list of 49 names for wild horses and their meanings that wonderfully capture the spirit of these magnificent animals.

To set your stallion apart or give your mare a moniker that matches her wild spirit, consider names inspired by the tales and histories that have sprung from horse-centric cultures. 

The largest number of wild horses exist in the United States, did you know that? The Bureau of Land Management reported in 2022 that there were almost 95,000 wild horses wandering the public lands in the western states;

What is a wild horse called?

The term ‘wild horse’ often brings to mind a free, untamed, and free-spirited creature. A “Przewalski’s horse” (Equus ferus przewalskii), the only kind of totally wild horse which remains today, is why it is referred to as a wild horse in scientific terms. 

The ‘wild’ horses we frequently encounter, particularly in North America, are actually feral instead of truly wild since they are descended from domestic horses and have evolved to survive in the wild.

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49 wild horse names and meanings

Choosing a cool name for your wild horse can be an exciting task. Here’s a list of 49 powerful names with their meanings:

#1. Storm – Symbolizes the powerful and tumultuous spirit of a wild horse.

#2. Windrunner – Ideal for a swift and agile horse.

#3. Freedom – A befitting name for a horse that loves to roam free.

#4. Thunder – A name perfect for a wild horse with a powerful presence.

#5. Blaze – A suitable name for a horse with a fiery spirit.

#6. Whirlwind – Ideal for a horse with a lot of energy and spirit.

#7. Avalanche – Perfect for a robust, powerful horse that carries an impact.

#8. Comet – A fitting name for a horse with a swift, blazing speed.

#9. Spirit – For a horse that exemplifies the spirit of the wild.

#10. Gallop – Ideal for a horse with a fast and smooth run.

#11. Maverick – A name fitting for a horse that is independent and does not conform.

#12. Midnight – A name for a horse with a dark coat, or one that has a mysterious aura.

#13. Mustang – Perfect for any wild horse, as it means “wild” or “stray horse” in Spanish.

#14. Pegasus – Named after the legendary winged horse from Greek mythology.

#15. Apollo – After the Greek god of the sun, music, and prophecy, perfect for a radiant and impressive horse.

#16. Flash – Ideal for a quick and agile horse.

#17. Phantom – A great name for a horse with a quiet and elusive demeanor.

#18. Liberty – Ideal for a horse that symbolizes freedom.

#19. Hercules – Named after the hero from Greek mythology, suitable for a strong and brave horse.

#20. Zephyr – This name means “west wind” in Greek and is perfect for a horse that loves to run.

#21. Ember – A fitting name for a horse with a warm and fiery spirit.

#22. Sierra – After the mountain ranges, great for a horse that loves hilly terrains.

#23. Sable – A beautiful name for a horse with a dark, sleek coat.

#24. Titan – A powerful name for a strong and large horse, from the mythological Titans of Greece.

#25. Mirage – A mystical name for a horse with an elusive charm.

#26. Eclipse – Perfect for a horse that stands out impressively against others.

#27. Orion – After the famous hunter in Greek mythology, ideal for a strong and adventurous horse.

#28. Tempest – A striking name for a horse with a stormy, unpredictable spirit.

#29. Quicksilver – A name for a fast and graceful horse.

#30. Gaia – Named after the Greek goddess of earth, for a horse that is grounded and stable.

#31. Terra – The Latin name for the earth, suitable for a horse that loves open fields and pastures.

#32. Aurora – After the Roman goddess of dawn, perfect for a horse with a vibrant, radiant spirit.

#33. Rogue – A name fitting for a horse that doesn’t conform to the rules and loves its freedom.

#34. Echo – An intriguing name for a horse, inspired by the Greek nymph of the same name.

#35. Nebula – A cosmic name for a horse that has an otherworldly charm about it.

#36. Valkyrie – In Norse mythology, Valkyries chose who lives and dies in battle. A powerful name for a strong, decisive horse.

#37. Solstice – Perfect for a horse that brings light into your life, just like the longest day of the year.

#38. Odyssey – After the famous Greek epic, a name for a horse that loves to explore and go on adventures.

#39. Zenith – Meaning the highest point or peak, for a horse that outshines all others.

#40. Juno – Named after the Roman queen of the gods, a befitting name for a dignified and strong horse.

#41. Nomad – Perfect for a horse that loves to wander and explore.

#42. Whisper – A soft, gentle name for a quiet and calm horse.

#43. Orion – Named after a prominent constellation, suitable for a horse that shines in the crowd.

#44. Onyx – A deep, dark black gemstone, a beautiful name for a horse with a dark, glossy coat.

#45. Calypso – Named after the Greek nymph who kept Odysseus as her captive, a captivating name for a mesmerizing horse.

#46. Valkyrie – After the influential female figures in Norse mythology, a strong name for a dominant horse.

#47. Lyric – A melodic name, perfect for a horse with a graceful, flowing gait.

#48. Halo – A divine name for a horse with a beautiful, angelic presence.

#49. Drifter – Ideal for a horse that loves to roam free and explore.

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Reflection on wild horse names

These names range in their origins, inspirations, and meanings, but they all hold one thing in common: they encapsulate the powerful spirit and captivating essence of wild horses. 

The right name will not only resonate with your horse’s personality but will also deepen your connection with this magnificent creature. It’s crucial to take your time and choose a name that you feel truly reflects your horse’s unique spirit and character.

What country is the home of the greatest number of wild horses?

The nation with the greatest concentration of wild horses is currently the United States. There are approximately 95,000 wild horses and burros across ten western states, with Nevada being home to more than half of the population1.

Australia also has a significant number of feral horses, known as ‘brumbies’. In a 2016 report, the Australian government2 estimated their number to be close to 400,000.

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What are the threats to wild horse populations?

Unfortunately, despite their numbers, wild horse populations face various threats. Overpopulation is one such concern, leading to a strain on natural resources and damage to the ecosystem. Other threats include competition for resources with livestock and other wildlife, harsh weather conditions, and diseases. Furthermore, many wild horses are at risk due to capture for domestic use, competition, or entertainment purposes.

What distinguishes a wild horse from a feral horse?

Despite frequent confusion, the phrases “wild” and “feral” are not equivalent. A wild horse refers to species like Przewalski’s horse, which has never been domesticated. 

On the other hand, a feral horse, like the American Mustang or the Australian brumby, is a descendant of once-domesticated horses that have returned to living in the wild and adapted to it.

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Choosing a wild horse name can be a delightful journey that allows you to explore various cultural references, languages, and folklore. 

No matter if you are searching for wild male horse names or female wild horse names, remember to choose something that suits your wild spirit. Lastly, while enjoying these majestic creatures, let’s not forget our duty to protect them and their habitats.

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