Black Horse Naming Made Easy: 51 Fantastic Names to Choose From

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Are you the proud owner of a majestic black horse? Congratulations! Now comes the exciting task of choosing the perfect name that captures the essence of your equine companion. 

The right name can reflect their personality, honor their heritage, or simply make a statement. In this article, we will guide you through the process of naming your black horse effortlessly. 

Get ready to explore a curated list of 51 fantastic names that are sure to inspire you.

Understanding the Black Horse

Black horses possess an undeniable allure with their sleek and mysterious appearance. Their glossy, ebony coats exude elegance and evoke a sense of power. It’s no wonder black horses have long been revered in various cultures and folklore. In Celtic mythology, they symbolize victory and otherworldly beauty, while in Norse legends, they are associated with wisdom and magic. 

Understanding the significance of your black horse’s color can help you select a name that truly resonates.

When it comes to black horses, it’s important to note that various breeds can exhibit this striking coat color. 

From majestic Friesians to athletic Arabians and elegant Andalusians, these breeds often boast black as one of their coat variations. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics and history of your black horse’s breed to find a name that pays homage to their lineage.

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What are some things to think about while naming a black horse?

When naming a black horse, have in mind the following:

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What are some common mistakes to avoid when naming a black horse?

Some common mistakes to avoid when naming a black horse include:

51 fantastic names for black horses with meaning

This is the time you’ve been looking forward to! We’ve curated a list of 51 fantastic names for your black horse to spark your imagination. 

Organized into various themes, these names encompass nature, mythology, strength, elegance, and more. Choose a name that both you and your horse will like by looking through the selection.

#1. Shadowfax – This horse stands for honesty and quickness in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”.

#2. Midnight – An evocative name that captures the essence of your black horse’s dark beauty.

#3. Onyx – Derived from the gemstone, this name symbolizes strength and protection.

#4. Luna – A nod to the moon’s enchanting glow, perfect for a horse with a mystical aura.

#5. Apollo – Named after the Greek god of light, this name embodies power and grace.

#6. Eclipse – Representing the celestial phenomenon of light and darkness.

#7. Obsidian – Symbolizing the strength and beauty of the volcanic glass.

#8. Nocturne – Evoking the beauty and mystery of the night.

#9. Sterling – Denoting excellence and quality, like a black horse’s coat.

#10. Sombra – Meaning “shadow” in Spanish, emphasizing the horse’s dark presence.

#11. Ember – Signifying the glowing warmth and energy of a black horse’s spirit.

#12. Nova – Representing a star that shines brightly in the dark, symbolizing brilliance.

#13. Thunder – Conveying power, strength, and commanding presence.

#14. Noir – French for “black,” exuding elegance and sophistication.

#15. Obsidian Knight – Combining the strength of obsidian with the nobility of a knight.

#16. Seraph – Inspired by the celestial beings associated with purity and light.

#17. Velvet – Reflecting the smooth and luxurious texture of a black horse’s coat.

#18. Storm – Symbolizing the turbulent yet majestic nature of nature’s forces.

#19. Eclipse – A name that captures the transformative and mesmerizing nature of an eclipse.

#20. Astrid – Meaning “divinely beautiful,” expressing the horse’s grace and elegance.

#21. Thunderbolt – Denoting power, speed, and electrifying energy.

#22. Tempest – Evoking a sense of wild energy and untamed spirit.


#23. Jet – A sleek and stylish name, referencing the smoothness of black jet stone.

#24. Lunaire – A French name meaning “moonlight,” emphasizing the horse’s mystical aura.

#25. Knightshade – Combining the bravery of a knight with the allure of the night.

#26. Orion – Inspired by the constellation, representing strength and bravery.

#27. Obsidian Beauty – Combining the captivating beauty of your black horse with the strength of obsidian.

#28. Twilight – Signifying the magical transition between day and night, capturing the horse’s enchanting nature.

#29. Emberheart – Symbolizing the passionate and fiery spirit within your black horse.

#30. Stormrider – Conveying a sense of power and resilience in the face of adversity.

#31. Phantom – Conjuring an image of a mysterious and elusive presence.

#32. Nightfall – Representing the moment when darkness falls, embodying the horse’s captivating allure.

#33. Midnight Majesty – Signifying the regal and majestic nature of your black horse.

#34. Zephyr – Derived from the gentle breeze, reflecting the horse’s graceful movement.

#35. Darkfire – Combining the intensity of darkness with the blazing fire of spirit.

#36. Raven – Inspired by the intelligent and mysterious bird, symbolizing wisdom and adaptability.

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#37. Obsidian Prince/Princess – Combining strength and royalty in a single name.

#38. Aurora – Evoking the colors and splendor of the northern lights, representing beauty and wonder.

#39. Thunderheart – Denoting a horse with a strong and courageous spirit.

#40. Black Pearl – Elegantly portraying the rare and precious nature

#41. Midnight Shadow – Emphasizing the horse’s dark presence and mysterious allure.

#42. Obsidian Storm – Combining the strength of obsidian with the fierce energy of a storm.

#43. Eclipse Rider – Reflecting the harmonious connection between horse and rider during an eclipse.

#44. Velvet Noir – A name that combines the smoothness of velvet with the elegance of noir.

#45. Thunderstrike – Signifying the horse’s powerful and lightning-fast movements.

#46. Shadow Warrior – Representing the horse’s strength and agility in battle.

#47. Night Whisper – Conjuring an image of the horse’s gentle and mysterious nature.

#48. Obsidian Dream – Symbolizing the horse’s captivating beauty and otherworldly presence.

#49. Luna Nova – A combination of “moon” and “new,” representing the horse’s ethereal and radiant nature.

#50. Midnight Serenade – Evoking a sense of elegance and enchantment through the horse’s presence.

#51. Tempest Shadow – Denoting a horse with a wild and untamed spirit, like a stormy shadow.

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Choosing the ideal name for your black horse is a thrilling adventure that enables you to honor their alluring presence and show their uniqueness. 

You may pick the ideal name for your equine partner by being aware of the significance of black horses, taking into account their special characteristics, and browsing our carefully compiled list of 51 outstanding names. 

Accept the ride, enjoy yourself, and allow the name of your black horse become a symbol of their remarkable character.

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