Horse Weight Calculator: Let’s Check Is Your Equine Healthy!

By Zunnun Ahmed •  Updated: 01/31/23 •  3 min read

P.s: A User-Friendly Tool for Equine Owners

Tell me if this is you…..

You are noticing a sudden change in the overall appearance of your horse and wondering does he is getting the right amount of food and medicine.

Or maybe thinking of trying a structured diet!

But the only problem is- you don’t know the weight of your horse.

Can’t blame you!

Accurately determining a horse’s weight can be tricky since it might be tough to utilize conventional methods on a moving animal, such weigh cassettes or scales.

Fortunately, a horse weight calculator offers a simpler approach.

We know how crucial it is for horse owners to keep an eye on their horses’ weight to make sure they are healthy and at the right weight for their breed and amount of exercise. That’s why came up with an easy calculator where you may quickly and easily estimate your pony’s weight at home based on its girth and body length.

So, how does the calculator work?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward! All you need is-

Based on a horse’s girth and body length, the smart calculator employs an automated (yet proven) formula to calculate the weight of a horse.

What is the most accurate way to weigh a horse? To get the best result, enter the horse’s girth and body length in inches.

How do I estimate my horse’s weight?

Step 1: Measure your horse’s heart girth

Step 2: Take the body length

Step 3: Estimate weight with our pony weight calculator

Why is monitoring weight important?

Well, just the reason you take your weight regularly.

Get it?

In plain terms- For overall health and well-being checkups! Here are the Top 3 reasons for monitoring a horse’s weight

#. Being underweight or overweight is not good at all. A horse’s health and quality of life may be impacted by it.

#2. Weight may affect a horse’s performance, epically if your pony is into sports. Assuring that a horse is at the right weight for its breed and the amount of exercise can enhance performance and lower the risk of injury.

#3. Both the horse’s and the rider’s safety may be impacted by the weight of the horse. Horses that are excessively light or overweight may have trouble supporting the weight of a rider, and both conditions increase the risk of injury.


Regular weight checkup is crucial to keep track of their well-being by utilizing their girth and body length.

As you can measure the weight at home, it is now easier to track progress no matter whether your target is to lose or gain weight.

Take care of your horse!

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