Keratex vs Durasole: Which Is Better For Your Horse?

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Believe it or not, the hoof is a complex grouping of sensitive structures.

Since the hooves are porous, they absorb moisture, and the excess moisture weakens them. And the result?

Brittle, overly soft, and weak hoof!!!!

The truth is several reasons make horse hooves soft, especially in wet conditions. So is there any solution to harden the hooves

Luckily, yes. 

You can use hoof care hardeners like durasole or keratex to toughen your horse’s hooves. But which one of these two hardeners is the best?

Yes, this article talks about all the good, bad, and ugly parts of these two hoof hardeners.

So, What is Keratex? 

Keratex is one of the best hoof hardeners that strengthen, harden, and protect your horse’s hooves. This is actually the most popular go-to medic for cracked, brittle, weak, and soft hooves of horses

Does Keratex hoof hardener work?

This gentle-acting formulation works for thin or sensitive soles. It actually strengthens shod hooves and unshod hooves by ensuring the hooves don’t crack or break. This works best for 

Apart from horses, the hoof hardener is also used to strengthen the hooves in goats, sheep, and cattle. This hoof hardener contains ingredients like methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, formaldehyde, methyl salicylate, glycerine, and aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Can you put Keratex on wet hooves? You can put both dry and wet feet.

Why should you choose keratex hoof hardener over others?

Here’s the advantage of Keratex!


And What is durasole used for?

If your horse has tender soles, durasole hardener works best to toughen the soles. 

The iodine-based hardener contains anti-fungal, antibacterial, and fixing agents that thicken and strengthen the sole and frog. Apart from iodine, it also has other ingredients like acetone, formalin, isopropyl alcohol, tannic acid, and potassium iodide.

And the best part?

The formula is concentrated and highly effective in controlling white-line disease and thrush. Durasole hoof hardener is best suited for horses that work in hostile environments. Moreover, you can use it to transition horses from shod to barefoot. 

You know what I mean, right?

The good thing about durasole equine hardener is you can use it for a longer time without worrying about your horse’s foot drying out. If your horse is suffering from thin soles and bruised feet, vets also recommend using durasole. 

Using durasole has many benefits like:


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Keratex vs Durasole – Which one is good for weak soles & feet?

Well, most horse owners use both as they serve different purposes. But let’s see some of the basic differences head to head.

Applied on the hoof wallPurposely made for applying on frog and sole
Used to strengthen weak and cracked hooves, best hoof hardener for barefootUsed to toughen and thicken the exfoliating frog and sole
Applying keratex is not messyYou need to wear eye protection and gloves when applying.

Should you choose Durasole or keratex? How to Choose the Right One For Your Horses?

The answer depends on your horse’s needs, as it is best suited for various parts. 

What do I mean by that?

If you need to apply the hardener on the hoof wall, keratex is best suited for that job. On the other hand, durasole hardener is made for the frog and the sole.

As a general rule of thumb, each product has its intended use. You should not apply durasole on the hoof wall because the formula is made for frogs and soles. Lastly, follow the instructions provided strictly when applying the hardeners.

How Quickly Does Keratex Hoof Hardener Work?

It takes up to 2 weeks for the hooves to get optimum strength after using keratex hoof hardener. However, the hoof begins to harden a few days after using the hardener. You can quickly tell that by the sharp sound unshod hooves produce on harder surfaces.

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How do you apply Keratex?

To work perfectly on the hoof wall and the sole, follow these application tips:

How do you apply Durasole?

Let’s be honest……..durasole can be messy to work with. To achieve the fastest results when applying durasole, follow these tips:

How often should you apply Durasole?

Apply durasole once for 1-2 weeks until the sole gets hard. For maintenance purposes, apply once or twice a week;


Taking proper care of your horse’s hooves starts with proper trimming and horse supplements to making the hooves stronger for healthy hoof growth. 

You know that Because of various environmental conditions during winter and summer, your horse’s hooves can get brittle, soft, or brittle. Using a hoof hardener makes the hooves strong, promotes healthy growth, and treats hoof infection, among many other benefits.

One more thing……..

While there are many hoof hardeners on the market, durasole and keratex are the most popular. I believe, at this point, you understand the uses and benefits of each of the hardeners. For the frog and the sole durasole is the better option, and try keratex hoof gel if you want to apply it on the hoof wall. 

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