Saddle Pads Color For Your Horse? Choose the Perfect Color!

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In the modern equestrian world, everyone is pretty concerned about horse saddles‘ colors. After all, everyone wants their horse to look majestic. But how to achieve that perfect look? How to choose the best color saddles pad for your beloved horse? 

There is no hard & fast rule. It may change every season due to the newest trends. We would say it’s more of a personal preference. If you want to highlight your horse in the crowd, go for contrasting colors. 

Are you up for more tips? Hang on with us till the end. Our in-depth guidelines will lead you to the best decisions indeed!

Does the color of the saddle pad matter much?

As we have stated, the color of your saddle pad is all about your fashion sense & personal preference.

There is no hard & fast rule about saddle colors for any event. 

Still, who doesn’t want to look cool among their fellow equestrians?

Traditionally, for the last 40 years, horse riders have preferred black saddles for dressage. In contrast, most jump saddles out there are available in brown.

You might also come across some plain brown tacks for dressage. However, they are not as popular as the black tacks.

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Premium tips to choose the best colors

How to choose shade & what to keep in mind? 

The style of the saddle pad generally reflects the rider’s fashion sense. So, you have to be mindful of events, seasonal changes, and of course, your horse’s coat before you invest in it!

Seasons selection

The demands of saddle pads reach new dimensions every season.


Along with the warmth of summer, riders begin to move towards the warm tones. Purple, hot pink, royal blue, and even mint green catch great attention.


Riders are up for light tones like baby pink, white, or paste in Spring. In fact, mint green or baby blue, cream, and yellow are also in high demand.


Every equestrian waits to go hunting in the fall. That’s why every rider adds orange, red, brown, and beige saddles to their wishlist.


You will come across huge sales in winter in the Equestrian markets. Black, dark green, and royal blue are indeed the best choices for these cold months.

Coordinate with your horse’s coat

Irrespective of the event & season, you must be aware of your horse’s coat if you want it to pop up in the crowd.


Black horses are baes. They are just perfect in everything. If you want to highlight them, just go for some light, vibrant colors like – soft pastels or neon.


If you have a grey horse, it might be too hard to pick the right one for it. Actually, most colors look good on grey horses. Still, the choice may vary depending on its shades (Dapple grey, pristine, or flea-bitten grey). We recommend royal blue and hunter green for flea-bitten grey horses. Burgundy looks great on the dapple grey variants.


White horses are majestic in their own skin. So, every color out there rocks on them. Yet, we don’t prefer light tones as they will blend with its coat. Rather go for a contrast color like – black, royal blue, or dark brown.


It’s indeed tricky to choose the best-colored saddle pad for your palomino. As palominos have a bit of a light tone, go for a warm shade saddle pad. Here, hunter-green saddle pads will always catch your eye.


Light tones of red don’t really match up with chestnuts. Only rich & deep tones of emerald, green & blue can highlight them.


Choosing the best-colored pad for your bay horse is a big deal. Reddish tones won’t suit if it’s a bloody bay. Go for hunter green, purple, or purple instead. If it’s a middle-tone bay horse, teal will also look attractive.


What color looks best on a black horse?

You can get any color for your black horse. But bright-toned like light pastel or white will look great on them.

What color for dressage?

Multi-color saddle pads are not suitable for dressage. You can go for conservative shades like white or black. Contrast with piping will look best on horses, indeed.

What shade saddle pad for show jumping? 

In order to attend a jumping phase, you can go for any conservative color like black, hunter green, white, or navy blue. Traditionally, brown saddles are the most common ones.

Final verdict

Is it hard to choose one of the best horse saddles colors of this decade? I bet our content has somewhat eased up your trouble. I personally prefer to go for contrasting colors and highlight my bae on the ground. Lastly, all of it depends on your own personal preference.

No one will question you about it. So, are you ready to surprise your fellow equestrians with your outstanding fashion sense?

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