How Much Does A White Horse Cost? (Quick Facts)

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White horses are the dream of numerous horse lovers because of their royal beauty. Besides, the white horse is a symbol of purity and beauty. So, there has a common query about a white horse: how much does a white horse cost?

The cost might be much more or less, depending on the different white horse breeds. Usually, a white horse costs from $1000 to $150,000. Horses for transportation are the most affordable. Farm work and general riding horses are available at a medium price. On the other hand, racing horses are expensive.

In this guide, we will discuss several white horse costs. At the same time, you will know the cost of the Camarillo white horse for sale. So, let’s start.

How much does a white horse cost?

Usually, you can get a white horse from $500 to $1000. There are several white horse breeds. But the costs are different. Some white horse breeds are affordable, and some are expensive. The cost depends on the breed’s popularity, temperament, and family history. Besides, its price is determined based on the performance of the horse.

For example, horses for general riding are the most affordable on average. And the racing, competition horse price is much higher. Apart from these, there are some more factors.

The types of white color, pure white or mixed creamy white, also affect the price of a white horse. Since Camarillo is the original purebred white horse, it is the most expensive.

how much does a white horse cost

Varieties of white horse overview with costs

There is no purebred white horse except for Camarillo. But many varieties are available in white with ash, pink and grey patterns. Here we have given the list of the most common and popular white horseshoes. Also, you see which species is good for which job.

Horse nameAverage costSuitable for
Lippizan$8,000-$10,000General riding
Camarillo. $500-$150,000General riding
Mustang$2500-$5,000General riding
Andalusian$9,000-$50,000General riding
Shagya Arabian$6,000-$12,000Competition riding
American Cream Draft$7,500-$8,000Farm work
Percheron$1,000-$10,000Farm work
Boulonnais$6,000-$12,114Farm work
Blazer horse$6,000-$11,000Farm work
Quarter Horse$2,500-$10,000Racing
Orlov Trotter$18,000-$20,000Racing
Camargue$7,000-$14,000Equestrian games
Paint horse$1,000-$5,000Transportation

Types of white horses

Despite being white in color, there are differences among several white horses. There are four types of white horses.

Grey horses:

They are born with grey skin. With the change of time, they turn into brighter white from grey color. As they grow, they become whiter. But their muzzles stay darker. The easiest way to detect this grey horse is to observe and figure out little or larger grey spots. Besides, the grey-white horse’s skin color is black.

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Truly white:

A truly white horse has pigmented and pinkish skin. And their coats are bright from an early age. Interestingly, their white coat gradually becomes a brighter white. And they maintain this “white” color throughout their lives.

Sabino horses:

The Sabino horse has 90% pink skin and a white coat. But it has a sabino pattering with a white coat. Sometimes, it might confuse to detect actual sabino and truly white. But DNA tests can help you to detect.

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A Camarillo is also known as a purebred horse. They have a pure white tail and mane. And the coat is mostly white. You can’t easily detect a truly white and Camarillo white horse.

Apart from the above-listed horses, there has a white horse, Albino. Albino, Camarillo, and truly white are rarely found.

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Camarillo purebred white horse

The Camarillo is a one-hundred-year-older horse breed. It is considered a pure white breed. This horse has been found in a completely white color for one century. Camarillo became famous because of their pure genetic white color. Although there are many white horses for sale, pure white is rare.

Good to know that Camarillo comes from a specific horse named Sultan. Sultan originated in 1912 from a Spanish mustang. Then Camarillo was born from a natural mutation.

Most of the white horse’s color is mixed with white and light grey color. But they can’t turn into complete white like Camarillo. With the change of time, white horses turn whiter.

Also, know that Camarillo was popular with movie stars like Reagan Ronald. And this horse has been used in many movies. Camarillo is a versatile horse for general riding and competition.


How rare is a pure white horse?

The pure white horse breed is so rare. Even it isn’t easy to find more than 20 purebreds of white horses. Adolfo Camarillo made the first purebred white horse 100 years ago. His horse is called Camarillo, born white and stays white all its life.

Do pure white horses exist?

Yes, pure white horses exist, but they are very rare. There is only one pure white horse breed available named Camarillo. All other white horses except Camarillo are mixed colors of white with grey or cream.

What is a pure white horse called?

A pure white horse is called a Camarillo. Camarillo was born with a completely white coat and a pinkish undercoat. The uniqueness of Camarillo is that it stays pure white throughout life. Besides, there is a white horse breed named Albino. But Albino does not exist in real life. It exists only in history and literature.

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Are white horses rare?

Yes, white horses are the rarest breed. The Albino and the Camarillo come from a genetic mutation. That mutation works on a special compound that prevents the production of melanin. Because of this, only Albino, Thoroughbreds, and Camarillo are considered pure white horses. But these purebreds are rarely found.


Closing thought

We believe you got the answer: How much does a white horse cost? A general white horse costs about $1000 and goes up to $150,000. But depending on the horse’s performance, breed, and family history, this cost would be increased up to $50,000. For example, the general riding horse is a bit affordable. But racing horses are expensive.

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