Top 6 Low Cost (Inexpensive) Horse Fencing Ideas!

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Fencing is the best way to let a horse exercise and graze around the house with proper security. But it is significantly expensive among all other costs to keep a horse.

But some cost-cutting is necessary when you’re on a tight budget and want to ensure horse safety. So, it would help if you found out low-cost, inexpensive horse fencing options.

Barbed wire, electric fence, recycled fence, polymer and rubber fence are inexpensive horse fencing options. In this guide, we will discuss these low-cost horse fencing methods.

Stay with this guide to know the details.

Top six inexpensive horse fencing options

Here are some popular, cost-effective ways to make a fence for your horse. As well as these fencings are easy to install and remove.

Most importantly, these are tested for the best security for a horse grazing, plying, and roaming inside the lawn or yard.

Electric or rope horse fence:

Do you think about cheap horse fencing? The electric horse fence is great. It is the cheapest and most secure for horse roaming and grazing.

Electric wire and rope are easy to collect, install, and remove from your lawn. However, remember to use high-tensile electric wire.

Solar-powered fence:

Solar-powered fencing is an amazing system to prevent the horse from overcoming the lawn. A solar-powered fence provides a short but fierce shock to humans and animals.

But it doesn’t cause life loss. It is very cost-effective horse fencing. And it has no additional cost except for installing the solar machine and some strands.

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High-tensile polymer fences:

Polymer fences are made of high-tensile vinyl plastic. These fences are visible and secure when your horse wants to fall over them or try to pass the fence.

This fence seems like a rail but is stronger with 4 to 6 inches in width. But make sure to install this fence strongly so it can bear the tension of the horse jumping.

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Barbed wire:

Barbed wire is comparatively safe wire fencing for horses. You can bear this cost within a medium budget. You must buy additional accessories like t-posts and fence clips for barbed fencing.

It will cost some extra money, but it will be within your limit. Remember that barbed fencing has become popular for horse fencing.


Recycled fence:

Using an older fence can be a good way to save money. Generally, the older fence is often replaced on the farm. It would be great to collect an older fence from any farm.

Sometimes, you can get it with some physical labor on that farm. In this case, you can connect with some farms.

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Mesh wire fencing:

Mesh wire fencing is made of thin wire. This thin wire is roughly durable. Remember to make the mesh with dense wire.

Otherwise, the fence might break due to a horse falling over. Mesh wire fencing is comparatively affordable and durable.

Factors to consider for making a horse fence

Factors to consider for making a horse fence

Perfect fencing allows your horse to graze. In the meantime, you can segregate among versatile horse groups like mares, stallions, yearlings, and geldings.

Let’s know some factors before making a fence for the horse.

Fencing cost:

Fencing cost refers to fence installation and further maintenance costs. Knowing the average fencing cost helps keep a horse. Here is the chart of several fences for the horse. (Use this horse fence calculator for an estimate. We used AI.)

Horse fence typeAverage cost per square foot
Steel pipe rail fencing$7-$11
Wooden post and rail fence$5-$12
PVC and vinyl horse fencing$5 – $10
Thin wire mesh fencing$0.2 – $0.6
Electric fencing$0.1 – $0.3


Horses naturally love to run and jump. When it gets open, space can start to jump. So, your made horse paddock should be visible to your horse. Otherwise, your horse can start to jump or run and get injured. At the same time, remember that the fence should be strong to bear the horse jumping or hurting.


The height should be such that the horse cannot jump out. The fence height should be similar to the horse’s body height. As a result, the horse can only see the outer area but can’t jump over it.

Terrain and weather:

Considering the terrain is important even though many ignore it. Choose such terrain so that you can easily install and remove the fence. At the same time, it built a fence with weather-friendly material that can withstand storms, rain, and floods.

Types of horses:

The normal and medium-strong fence is enough for the older horses because they aren’t interested in coming out. On the contrary, building a strong and durable fence is important for a younger horse. Also, remember that woven wire fencing is good for a miniature horse.

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Paddocks size:

Larger paddock fencing for horses doesn’t need a stronger fence. Because horses can roam and graze within a large space. So, they can’t go to the end of the fence easily. On the other hand, smaller paddocks need a stronger fence. The horse can’t roam and graze in smaller spaces and naturally wants to come out from the fence.



What is the cheapest way to fence horses?

Using electric wire and rope is the cheapest way to fence the horse. This material is strong but needs some energizer and strands. It is respectively cheap and convenient to install and remove.

Electric wire or rope fencing costs would be higher or lower Depending on the energizer, strand number, and quality.

What type of fencing is best for horses?

Mesh wire fences are best for horses. Mesh wire fencing is strong, durable, and relatively inexpensive. It is more inexpensive than most traditional rail fencing. But it would help if you expensed more than the regular fencing for cattle.  

How much is PVC horse fencing?

PVC and vinyl horse fencing average costs are $10 to $40 per linear foot. But this cost might increase depending on the PVC sheet width, length, and quality.

However, PVC fencing is a worthy choice of money because it is durable, resistant, and needs less maintenance.

Final word

We hope you already know from our guide’s low-cost, inexpensive horse fencing options. Electric wire, solar-powered, polymer, barbed wire, and recycled fences are the top six inexpensive ways for housekeeping. But mesh wire fencing is considered the cheapest horse fencing.

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