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Flex fencing around the paddock is an excellent decision to be taken but before that conducting a detailed and exquisite assessment of the site to be fenced should be the priority. But before going to the flex fence reviews, everyone should know what sets this flex fence apart from the traditional board and wire fences.

The flex fence is renowned as the most serviceable and consolidated fence made of high-tensile galvanized steel wire with bonded polymer around it. That’s why strength plays a significant role in the fence and it looks as good as it was ten years back. 

So here we’ll talk about flex fences and different flex fences and help you understand why 72 v-mesh fences and other mesh fences are becoming less popular than PVC privacy fences.

What is a flex fence? 

Flex fence is a kind of rail vinyl fence made of recycled PVC and provides excellent durability and strength. To analyze flex fencing, we will talk about a high-impact fencing system by System Equine and Flexfence Louver System, the most widely popular among us. 

Though flex fence doesn’t provide fences for horse paddock boundaries, their indoor and outdoor projects are among the top of the popularity.

Now come to System Equine’s high-impact flex-made fence. Customers choose it for a fair number of reasons but the safety of the fence line is the topmost priority. 

Flex fence rails are available at 4.25 inches in width and 5.25 inches. The rails flex through the brackets as they need a breaking strength of 4500 pounds. Most flex fences are made of the best polymer material with the highest UV inhibitors. 

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What are the types of flex fences?

There are no variations of flex fences. Usually, the top flex we use is PVC made and used to install a boundary around the horse paddock and around the house. But for house flex fence louvers are very popular.

Some make indoor projects like making a flex wall inside the house to make a separate room. The indoor louvered shutter is a new trend for houses instead of windows.  (Read details about portable electric fences for your horse campaign)

flex fences

Ramm flex fence

This kind of flex fence is designed for horses but is safer than traditional horse fences. Ramm fence consists of 12.5 gauge high tensile wire and polyethylene plastic coating on it making the ram fencing last long. 

Plastic ramm fencing has been used in bridge building and airline industries. So the UV guard feature and this high-quality plastic doesn’t fade in color even after using it for a long time.

The pros 

 The cons 

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How to install a flex fence?

Before installing flex fences, a lot of equipment is needed. This equipment ensures the proper installation and keeps the tension between rails perfectly. The following list of equipment you’ll need for installing flex fences. 

  1. Fence rail.
  2. Brackets.
  3. End plate package.
  4. Tightener package.
  5. Wire links.
  6. Diagonal brace plates. 
  7. Posts.
  8. Concrete.
  9. Chain saw. 
  10. Post-hole digger.
  11. ½’’ ratchet. 
  12. Tape measurement.

Installation layout 

Installation layout is the most important thigh as a pre-preparation for installing this fence. It will help you to understand how many rails and posts you will need to make a fence around the pasture. 

Before installing a fence, make sure the wood posts are treated otherwise they compromise the strength. Our recommendation is to round posts for corners and end areas. 

Fasten the brackets 

Once the posts are standing proudly. Now screw the brackets onto the post’s pre-punched holes so you can keep the rails horizontally. 

Settle the flex rails on brackets

When all the posts have brackets on the same heights, it’s time to keep the rain on the brackets to make a proper horse containment system. You just need to put some screws through the flex rails into the posts.

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The cost of a flex fence

It’s really tough to tell how much it exactly costs to have a flex rail fence all around the pasture. The flex fencing system is an expensive one, for 1 acre of land, it may cost $2500-$3100 with a high installation cost like $800-$900. Overall the linear feet cost is $14- $30

Divider horseshoe

How does a flex fence compare to other fencing systems?

If you compare the keep safe v-mesh horse fence 58 in 15 ft with the flex fence, surely the flex system is money-hungry. But a flex fence is much more durable than any other fence system, so in the long term, it doesn’t require any further service until something terrible happens with the flex fence. 

That’s why the V mesh fence system is not getting the attention of pasture owners lately. Also, most of the time the measurement of what gauge wire for horse fence comes out as a faulty measurement and v mesh wires can get damaged easily. 

Also, wood board fences are durable but you need specific kinds of costly woods and need to color the boards quite frequently. Also, it requires so much maintenance.

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How long does a flex fence last?

Normally, the Fence brands offer a lifetime warranty or 30-year warranty for Flex. But most of the time not before 10-12 years, flex fences rarely create any issues.  

How do you tighten the flex fence? 

There is a specific tool for tightening. The flex fence end tensioner tightens the end corners without compromising any damage to the wood posts and the flex rails. 


We would like to recommend you go through the Ramm vs centaur fence before making decisions about flex fences. These differences not only help you understand the better one but moreover, you’ll know a suitable one for your pasture.

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