What Is The Portable Electric Fence For Horse Camping?

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Do you love to spend time with your horse? If yes, I bet you take him camping once in a while. Horses love to be free and to have a change of environment. But the last thing you would want is for your horse to run away in the middle of camping! 

So, how can you control your horse during these camping trips? Have you ever heard of portable electric fences for horse camping? They are the ultimate solution for having a firm grip on your pastures. 

Now, how do you find a fencing kit perfect for your situation? How do you even set up one? Do you have any ideas? No worries, even if you don’t. Carry on with us in further rides and get the answers yourself.

Types of portable electric fences

According to their use, fences can be of different types. Some are permanently built, and some are for temporary use. If you are trying to tame the livestock from running away from your farm, you must go for a permanent one. But that would be unnecessary when you go to a campsite. 

Where you are trying to control and protect your grazing decides what type of electric fence you need. Let’s take a look at the options you have: 

Temporary electric fence

#1 Permanent electric fence

If you have a farm, you would want to keep the livestock within your area, wouldn’t you? Also, you won’t want predators to barge into your property to harm them. But how can you ensure constant protection even when you are not looking?

A permanent electric fence is the ultimate solution for that. They can cover an unlimited area, keep the pastures inside the property, don’t allow any predator to invade your place, and last for years without needing to be replaced. 

Permanent fences are suitable for almost all kinds of animals, small or big. You have to increase its height for large ones.

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#2 Semi-permanent electric fence 

While permanent fences can last for more than 20 years, semi-permanent are not that long-lasting. Depending on the situation, they have a lifespan of 1-20 years. They are called semi-permanent because they can be moved. Though not as frequently or as easily as a portable one. 

You can control any livestock with a semi-permanent electric fence. It also works decently, keeping the predators out. They are different from permanent ones only in the aspect of durability.

#3 Temporary electric fence 

It is also called a temporary electric fence and can be moved and set up anywhere, anytime you want. They are easy to build and don’t require much hard work. 

These fences are great if you move frequently or go camping. You can build a temporary protection system in a campsite quickly and ensure the animal’s safety. You don’t have to worry about unwanted predators or your horse running away. 

But a portable fence can not cover unlimited areas. They are perfect for small area coverage.

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How strong does an electric fence need to be for horses?

The primary mechanism of an electric fence is to give low voltage electric shock when grazes touch it. The amount of voltage, of course, defers depending on the animal. You wouldn’t set up a fence with 6000 volts to control chickens. That will harm them to a great extent.

An electric fence aims to protect the livestock, not harm them. So, you need to be careful when you set the voltage in the energizer of the fence system.  Horses are large animals. Their body is strong enough to withstand small shocks.

A movable fence for horse camping should have around 6000 volts running through the wires. And it should never be lower than 3000 volts. Else, your horse can break free of the fence.

How strong does an electric fence need to be for horses?

What to look for when purchasing? 

This type of fence ensures your and your animal’s safety at a campsite. So, you can not buy just any fence you see. You need to check out some things before purchasing. Let’s take a look at those:

#1. Energizer

Energizer is the heart of an electric fencing system. It provides electricity that runs through the fence wires and keeps them working. The electric fence is useless without the energizer sending the necessary volts into the system. 

So, you have to check the energizer and how many volts it produces. A low-voltage energizer won’t be sufficient if you are trying to keep large animals in. 

#2. Power supply 

Do you live in an area where there is frequent load shedding? If that’s the case, you can not choose a fence system that uses AC directly from the main power line. A battery-powered or solar electric fence would be best. 

Also, if you are buying a portable fence for camping, solar or battery-powered is the best choice. You don’t know whether you will get a direct power supply at your campsite. 

#3. Wire type

Poly tape, poly wire, and steel wire are common for electric fences. You have to choose one that fits right with your needs. For instance, if you buy a portable horse fence kit, you should opt for poly tape.

Poly tape is wide, flat, and more visible. Horses can easily detect them. So, once they learn, they don’t try to break free. However, it may get twisted frequently.

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#4. Area coverage

How large is the area you plan to put the portable fence on? You need to consider the area coverage to buy a fence kit to support it. According to the fence’s length, the strength of the energizer varies. 

If you try to cover a large area with a low-voltage energizer, it won’t be much of a help. 

#5. Animal type

What type of animal are you trying to keep inside the fence? Is it a horse? Or is it chickens? The electric fence’s size, voltage, and everything vary depending on the animal’s size. It is an essential factor that you need to keep in mind before buying. 

#6. Vegetation

Are you planning to put your portable fence in a place full of vegetation? In that case, let me remind you, current can transfer into the earth through veggies. And it can weaken the fence system in general. So, choose a fence with more power to make it suitable for dense vegetation.

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How to set up a portable electric fence?

Setting up a fence is way easier than it seems. Even if you are a first-timer, you won’t need more than 30 minutes to set it up. You just have to figure out how things work and follow the right way. 

You will need some supplies. Let’s take a look at the list:


First, you have to install the step-in fence posts. They are corner posts and intermediate posts. Corner posts come with black clips sometimes. That allows you to move the fence wires upwards or downwards. 

First, install the corner posts with a hammer. They will quickly go inside the earth. Surround the area you want to cover with them first.


After finishing the corners, install the intermediate posts in the middle for more support. 


Tie the wire you will use for fencing in one gate handle. It can be any type of knot. You just need to make sure it will come loose. 


Attach the gate handle on one corner post or wherever you want the entrance to be. Now, start attaching the wires to all the posts. 

Start from one direction and make it back to the same point after totally circling all posts. 


You can decide how many rows of wires you want in your fence. There are clips in the fence posts most of the time. You can use clamps to attach the wires to the posts if there isn’t one. 


Now it’s time to connect the energizer with the fence system. You will see one grounding rod that comes with the fence kit. Install that near one post. 


Attach the green end of the energizer with the grounding rod. And the red one should go into the fence tape. 


Switch on the energizer, and your fence will be alive to keep anything inside.

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Tips for using a portable electric fence

If you are a first-timer, it is not uncommon to make a mistake. Some of us learn things the hard way. Well, we think these tips might help you a bit. Let’s take a look at them-

Never use less than 3 corner posts when installing an electric fence for horse camping.

Is an electric fence good for horses

Is an electric fence good for horses?

Yes, of course. Electric fences are safe and secure for all types of animals. You just have to ensure that you are not putting too many volts when it is not needed.

Animals learn to be in their territory when they touch the electric fence and get a mild shock. They get that they should not go near that again. But even if they go, they get only mild electric shocks which are not harmful. However, you must maintain the electricity used for fencing according to need. 

Let’s say 5000-6000 volts is recommended for keeping the horses in. Now, would you use the same voltage with the chicken? Of course, not! That will harm them. 

Similarly, electric fences are suitable for keeping horses. In fact, portable fences are now a popular choice among horse owners. They can ensure your horse’s safety and prevent it from running away.


1. How do you set up temporary electric fences for horses?

You can use a portable horse fence kit. They are easy to build. You just have to install the posts, pass the wires through the bars, and surround a particular area. Then attach the energizer to the fence and build a connection with the wires. Turn it on, and you will have a secure temporary fence for your horses. 

2. Can you keep horses in with an electric fence?

Yes, of course. If your electric fence has around 6000 volts of current running through it, it can easily keep horses inside. Horses won’t try to break free once they get a mild shock from the fence. 

3. How many joules should an electric fence have for horses?

If we measure in joules, an electric fence for horses should have at least 1 joule per 1-mile fence length. That’s a standard ratio. You can set higher joules for better protection. 

4. What color electric fence is best for horses?

Generally, poly tape or poly wire comes in two colors- white and orange. White may sometimes become difficult to trace in a specific environment. However, orange is easy to detect. And horses won’t go near the wire when they see it. 

Final thoughts

A portable electric fence for horse camping is the ultimate method for managing your pastures in a campsite. They can be pretty wild when set free. They can run off in the middle of the night, or worse, someone may try to trespass where you are camping. 

Having a portable fence kit ensures your and your horse’s safety. It also keeps the horses within a specific boundary. But it is essential to set it up properly. Hopefully, this article has helped you to know how to do that. Have a lovely weekend and camping trips with your horses.

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