Are Double T Saddles Good? Is It Worthy! (A to Z Guide)

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You must have heard of double t saddles. After all, it is the current bargain of the equine market. So, are double t saddles good? Should you bet on it? 

After you get your own horse, saddles are the first & foremost thing to invest in! Now, if you have a low budget, give double t-saddles a try. Yes, they are not as sturdy & comfy as Billy Cook or other American saddles. However, its performance at just $400 is indeed praiseworthy. 

Do you want to know more? Hang on with us! Within some seconds, you will come across an in-depth guide. So, are you ready to jump in?

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What are the double T saddles?

Double T saddles are basically western Saddles with a distinctive T shape at the front and rear aspects. 

Most riders out there love double t-saddles for their deep seat and high backrest design. Moreover, its wide padded skirt ensures an even distribution of weight throughout the horse’s back.

You can use it for various riding purposes, including trailing, ranching work as well as roping.

Are Double T Saddles Good

Are double T saddles good?

Honestly, it’s a bit difficult to answer. After all, it’s all about personal preferences. The brand Double T is renowned for their cost-effective western saddles. In fact, it is the only brand that offers saddles at even $400. 

I won’t say they have compromised a lot in quality. But you can’t expect it to perform like a $2000 worth of saddle as well. It won’t be justified too. The most attractive points of Double T Saddles are –


Even though it’s cheaper, the brand hasn’t compromised in comfort. Thus, it will save you and your equine friend from the fatigue of long rides.


Double T has utilized high-quality leather in construction. So, it won’t wear out easily even after regular use.


The saddle you are going to choose should fit you & the horse perfectly. Otherwise, the horse may buck or even suffer from severe nerve damage. 

Thankfully, double T saddles are highly adjustable or customizable. So you won’t have much hassle in finding a better fit.

We would specifically recommend Doue T Saddles for beginners. After all, it’s really hard to spend thousands & thousands of dollars on saddles in the beginning years. Trust me; you won’t regret it. In fact, it actually performs better than its price.

Who are the manufacturers of double T saddles? Let’s look back to history!

Manufacturers of double t saddles focus on improving quality while keeping your budget in mind. That’s why it has become the talk of the day in the equestrian world. 

However, there is very little information on the owners of double t saddlery. According to the latest update, its main company is in Kanpur, India. It has been working in this market for around ten years.

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What about the cost?

It’s really hard to comment on the cost of double t saddles. Because – it varies from model to model. However, they are highly focused on your needs and budget. So, you will definitely find one within budget.

Entry-level Double T saddles usually cost around $400 or even less. It’s surprising, isn’t it? 

However, are you up for high-end leather/synthetic along with thigh blocks & seat pads? If yes, you might have to spend several hundred or even thousand dollars. 

Be aware that – the price of a saddle pad doesn’t actually guarantee its quality. So, try it out once before you invest in it! 

What materials are used?

Double T saddles are basically a combination of synthetic and leather. 


The tree mainly forms the structural base of the saddle. Most Double T trees are manufactured from wood and synthetics like plastic or fiberglass. Obviously, there is also a covering of nylon or polyurethane to ensure a comfortable ride. 

Stirrups & straps: 

Stirrups are usually made from metal or plastic. Leather straps are best for holding the stirrups in place.

Other accessories: 

Modern horse saddles come with various metallic accessories like – girth straps, buckles, and D-rings. 

Do double T saddles fit most horses?

The brand Double T manufactures a wide range of saddles. So, I believe you will definitely find the perfect match for your horses as well. 

Proper fitting is a must for optimum support and balance on the horse’s back. So, before you jump to invest in a saddle, check the following fittings!

If you are still confused, go to a veteran or saddle fitting expert for further assistance.

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Why should you buy it?

Now let’s take a look at the perks that double t saddles offer!

Wide variety of saddles: 

Ate you looking for a ranch saddle for regular ranching? Do you need a comfy trail saddle to trail over the mountains?

No worries! The brand Double T manufactures a wide range of saddles. So, if you go through the market, you will easily find the type and the size that suits your equestrian discipline. 

Great design: 

Overall, the designs of double t-saddles are unique and eye catchy. Their sense of style and color is indeed praiseworthy. This brand offers a wide variety of designs which includes both traditional as well as modern & edgy saddles. You won’t find such a stylish saddle anywhere else in the market. 


Beginner riders, specifically dressage riders of equestrian disciplines, especially prefer double T saddles. After all, it offers a deep seat and proximity for a comfy and balanced ride.


The double T saddle is definitely good to go if you are looking for an affordable saddle. Their most cost-effective saddles range from $300 to $500. 

In contrast, American saddles can even cost upto thousand dollars. Don’t be wary about quality. The brand has manufactured it with durable materials to appease your needs.


The brand offers around five years of warranty for all their new saddles. So, if any issue comes up, you can ask them to repair or replace it for five years. I doubt any other brand out there will provide this much support at such a cheaper rate.

Moreover, the brand covers a 30-day trial period as well. So, if you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can return it and ask for a full refund within 30 days.

Great design double t saddle

Why shouldn’t you invest in it?

However, there are some obvious downsides of double t saddlery. Let’s check it out!


If you compare it with an American saddle, you might not like its quality. However, these saddles are available at half price. So, we would say it’s understandable and equivalent. 

Brand value:

Do you want to purchase a high-end saddle from a well-known brand? Then, we won’t really recommend double t saddles. It’s more of a beginner & budget-friendly saddle. 

Low resale value: 

Do you wish to resell your saddle after a year of use? If yes, don’t go for double t saddles. They have a very low resale value.


What are the alternatives?

As you already know, a Western saddle like double t is superb for regular riding or training your horses. If you are up for a different saddle, you can check out –

Roping saddle:  

Roping saddles come with a deep seat and high cantle for calf-tying and roping events. You can rest assured as they are generally durable.

Barrel racing saddle: 

Barrel racing saddles generally offer narrow trees, short skirts, and low cantle for superior speed and agility. 

Cutting saddle: 

Cutting saddle is a western saddle with superior stability. They usually come with a deep seat and high cantle design.

Trail saddle: 

If you are up for long rides, trail saddles can be your best friend. We will highly recommend it for its wider tree and comfortable padded seat.

Pleasure saddle: 

Pleasure saddles come with medium-width trees and padded seats. We will highly recommend it for comfy and leisurely rides.

Whatever you may choose, the saddle should be comfy for the horse as well as the rider.

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Double T vs. billy cook saddle: Let’s compare!

Billy Cook SaddleDouble T Saddle
LeatherIt is made up of thicker leather.Comes with thinner leather.
TreeBilly Cook constructed their tree with sturdy wood and fiberglass.Also offers similar construction with superior durability.
Overall Quality Pretty durable.Even though it comes with thinner leather, their saddles are sturdy indeed.
Style It offers a modern & smart outlook.It is more modern & stylish than Billy Cook saddles.
Cost A bit costly.Relatively cheap.


How long do these saddles take to come in?

We can’t really state an approximate time for the double t-saddles to come in. After all, it depends on multiple factors, including supplier availability and shipping methods.
It would be best to contact the retailer or manufacturer for more detailed information.

Where are double t saddles made?

The saddles have been in the equestrian industry for around ten years. Their main manufacturing factory is in Kanpur, India. It resides with other famous brands, including – Blue River, Showman, and Circle S.

Final verdict

Are double t saddles good? Honestly, its answer is solely dependent on your preference and budget. As you already know, double t saddles are not as comfy as other American saddles. However, for the money, they offer the best construction, design, and comfort.

Moreover, they can even support you for more than five years. So, yeah, if you have a low budget, invest in it. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

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