The Secret of Peppermint Horse Treats! Included Easy Recipes

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How do you show love and appreciation to your equine friend? You can do that by providing nutritional treats to your ponies, who also happen to have a sweet tooth. Horse treats are great when a horse owner wants to reward their horse for good behavior or teach him new skills.

There are different types of treats you can give your horse like apples, carrots, raisins, bananas, and much more. However, some horses might like and dislike some treats. Have you tried peppermint horse treats? If not, you should consider giving your horse this smart treat.

Here’s why!

One of the best flavors that 99% of horses love is peppermint. Give your horse peppermint-flavored treats, and he will love the taste.

Let’s dig a little deeper!

Do horses like peppermint?

Yes, most horses like, and a horse owner might find himself tempted to treat the ponies all the time. However, it is good to give the treats in moderation to ensure you do not overdo the treats.

You can serve a healthy horse one peppermint candy once or twice a day without any issues. For sugarless treats, serve frequently without worries. Here are more tips you should keep in mind.

Are peppermints good for horses?

Yes, certainly good for your horse’s overall health. 

According to the Equine Wellness magazine, giving your horse peppermint aids in the digestive system. This is because peppermint has a bitter quality that boosts their appetite. Peppermint is hence a perfect solution if your horse is suffering from loose droppings, diarrhea, or bouts.

Peppermint contains between 0.5% to 1.5% volatile oil which is useful in the digestive system (source). The oil has a soothing effect on your horse’s stomach muscles and intestines, making it great if your horse has a poor appetite., digestive cramping, trapped gas, or gastric.

Giving your horse peppermint oil products is also good because it enhances the respiratory system and serves as a decongestant. 

Many vets advise horse owners to use extra strong menthol mints when their horse is suffering from chest problems or a cold.  Even better, you can use it as an additive to the horse feed for palatability.

Other benefits of peppermints for horses include soothing colic and boosting a horse’s immune system among others.

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What kind of peppermints do horses like?

In case you might be asking yourself this question, here is the answer!

You can give your horse-human peppermint candy treats with no added sugar. You can also serve mint candy with sorbitol sweetener, pure peppermint powder, or fresh mint leaves. All these peppermint treats are safe for your horse if given with moderation.

Why do horses like peppermint?

Peppermint is particularly appealing to horses due to its strong, cool, and distinctive aroma that stimulates their olfactory senses. Being herbivores, horses’ natural diets include a range of flavors, so the unique taste of peppermint offers a pleasant change from their regular feed.

Moreover, the cooling effect of peppermint in the mouth and the soothing benefits to the digestive system might also contribute to why horses like it. The natural sweetness of peppermint is another appealing factor, as horses generally have a preference for sweet flavors, being partial to fruits and certain types of grass.

However, like humans, each horse may have individual preferences, so while most horses are known to like peppermint, it might not be universal.

What do you need to make these treats?

OK, I know what you’re thinking: Can I make peppermint treats for my horse at home? 

Of course, you can! There are different flavored treat recipes you can make and your horse will love the taste.

But first, let’s go through some of the ingredients you need!

Try this 5 peppermint horse treats recipe

Planning to make some tasty peppermint horse treats that your horse will love? Here are recipes you can try with simple ingredients you probably have in your kitchen.

Let me show you how!

#1. Muffin horse treats

Peppermint muffin horse treats



  1. Start by preheating your oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Pour the mixture into a muffin tin and fill your muffin cups.
  4. Bake for about 12-17 minutes.
  5. Remove from the oven and press the peppermints at the center of each muffin. When it cools, the peppermints will stick.

#2. Horse Patties



#3. Watermelon horse cookies

Peppermint watermelon horse cookies



#4. Apple horse treats



#5. Peanut butter treats

Peanut butter peppermint treat



Ways to serve peppermint treats

The best way to serve your horse peppermint treats is to put them in a feeder or a bucket. You should also feed your horse treats in moderation, especially if they contain mints and candies. Limit the treats to four per day for an adult horse.


Q. Is peppermint toxic to horses?

Horse treats with peppermints are non-toxic for horses if you give them sparingly like once per day.

Q. Do horses like peppermint candies?

Most horses love peppermint candies. Like any other treat, you should feed your horse candies in moderation.

Q. Do horses like the smell?

Yes, they do! Peppermint is favorite among many horses, and that is why it is popular in many horse treats.


Treat your horse with yummy treats, which are their favorites. There is plenty of peppermint horse treat recipes you can try to make nutritious and wholesome rewards for your horses. 

These treats are delicious, and your horse will be happy to eat them. be sure to try the above recipes which are not only delicious but also healthy for your horse.

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