Why Are Horses So Expensive? 11 Reasons & Buying TIPS

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The cute and gentle giant horses are pretty expensive to buy and keep. But compared with other beasts, why are horses so expensive? 

Horses are expensive because of the recent pandemic, global evil, and horse maintenance costs. Besides, horses always needed added care, which increased the costs. 

In this guide, we will discuss the top 11 potential reasons why horses are so expensive right now. In the meantime, you will know how to buy a perfect horse with a low budget.

Why are horses so expensive? Reasons Revealed

There are 11 crucial reasons behind horses’ expansiveness. Let’s know these.

1. Pandemic (COVID)

The impact of the recent pandemic is one of the reasons for the increase in horse prices. We know that Distance is to be maintained during COVID. That’s why many horse lovers choose horse riding for physical exercise.

Besides, many people were bored at home during the lockdown and bought horses to pass the time. As a result, the demand for horses in the horse market has increased, but the production has not increased, so it has become expensive.

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2. Low production

Many horse lovers recently asked why horses are so expensive right now. Low horse production is one of the important reasons.

Horse production has declined significantly over the past few years due to the global recession, rising commodity prices, and climate change. But comparatively, the demand has increased a lot. As a result, the horses produced are being sold at higher prices.

Why Are Horses So Expensive?
Source: nps.gov

3. Maintenance

Besides buying costs, horses are expensive due to the regular maintenance costs.

According to the statement of the University of Maine, A horse needs an average of $250-$300 per month for maintenance. And this cost might be about $2,419 to $3,876 in a year.

4. Boarding

Boarding refers to a place that is used as a horse pasture. Many owners do not have a place to keep the horses day and night. Horse boarding charge is different in several states of the USA.

But the average charge might be $350 to $400 per month. You may ask why houses are so expensive because these are made very strong and comfortable. There are four main boarding types: pasture, self-care, and full-care boarding.

5. Breeds type and appearance

Horse prices might increase depending on the pedigree and breeds. High-quality pedigree and purebred horses are always expensive. At the same time, good-looking horses are more worthy. For instance, the white horse breed is expensive. Besides, racing horses like the green monkey, Shareef dancer, Totilas, and Frankel are expensive. 

6. Feed

The horse’s expense will increase depending on what kind of food is given to the horse. A horse generally needs Grain, Hay and Grass, Equine Minerals, and Salt. Horse expenses increase based on the quantity and quality of these foods.

7. Farriers

One of the costs of raising horses is hoof care. A professional farrier can properly take care of the hoof to ensure a healthy hoof. He trimmed the horse’s hooves to ensure balance on his feet.

As a result, horses can prevent leg injuries. A one-time hoof trimming will cost $50 to $150

8. Vet bills

Horses might require vet treatment for various physical ailments. Depending on the type of disease, the vet bill may increase. A common cold or deworming will not cost much. However, major diseases can increase vet bills and make horses expensive.

9. Grooming

Grooming is the regular cleaning, bathing, and trimming of the horse. A huge amount of money is required for horse grooming every year. Some breeds require frequent grooming at home, which adds to the cost.

10. Coggins test

Coggins test refers to Equine Infectious Anemia traces. Generally, in rodeos and horse shows, participants’ horses should not have infectious Anaemia. 

11. Added costs

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, your house may require additional expenses. For example, you are arranging new gear for horse riding, adding money for instant sickness, and providing a tasty treat for horses

How to buy a perfect horse with a low budget?

Buying a horse is expensive, but there are some ways to reduce the costs. Here is the crucial consideration for buying a horse with a low budget. 

Break the cost

You can reduce the horse-keeping cost with half-leasing methods. In this method, the horse’s original owner bears half of the cost of health, feed, boarding, and other needs. 

Avoid overboard on board

The indoor horseboard is nice but expensive. The cost will be greatly reduced if you keep your horse on an outdoor board. So, you can buy a horse within a low budget. 

Buy second hand

Keeping a horse requires many accessories. If you buy these accessories second-hand, the cost of keeping them at home will be greatly reduced.


Home-made horse care equipment can save you a large amount of money. You can make horse care gear with ideas from those with previous experience with horses.

Buy online

Buying the required feed, medication, and other things can help you get a low-budget horse because several reputed online shops offer good products on a low budget. 

Expense tracking

Regular expense tracking can help to reduce your horse-keeping budget. On the other hand, not keeping track of expenses can cause you to exceed your budget limit.



Q. How much does a good horse cost?

Good horse cost varies depending on using purpose, horse breeds, buying location, horse appearance, and pedigree.

For example, you can expect a hobby horse for $3000. But the passionate Equestrian has to spend up to $250,000 to buy the most expensive horse.

Q. Is it expensive to own a horse?

Yes, it is pretty expensive to own a horse. According to the horse market prices for 2022, you will need about $3,876 per horse, from buying the horse to maintaining it, treating it, and feeding it. This cost might be reduced by up to $2,419 depending on several factors. 

Q. Why are riding horses so expensive?

Horse riding is expensive as you have to ensure several crucial factors for horse riding.

For example, trucking cost, trainers cost, and required gear cost are also added with horse riding cost. Since all these are included in horse riding, it becomes quite expensive.

Q. What is the cheapest horse breed to buy?

The cheapest horse breeds are quarter horses, wild mustangs, Thoroughbreds, and Arabians. The average price of the cheapest horses is about $1,500 to $3,000. 

Final words

Do we hope you know why horses are so expensive? Horses can be expensive based on several factors like buying, feeding, boarding, grooming, and Coggins. Remember that cost-breaking, avoiding boarding, and expense tracking can help you buy and keep a horse within a low budget.

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