Why is My Electric Fence Clicking? (5 Steps To Stop)

By Zunnun Ahmed •  Updated: 02/17/23 •  5 min read

So after investing on your electric fence, you’re experiencing these clicks that can get on your nerves. We understand if you pull your hair and be like — ‘Why is my electric fence clicking like this?’

Well, the most common reasons we’ve seen so far causing the issue are short circuits, insufficient voltage, corroded or dirty connections, damaged fence wire, and of course, loose connections.

Now the question is – how fix that up in the first place? After all, you don’t want your cattle to be among the 2,705,000 cattle getting lost every year. Well, that’s the answer you’re going to find out today.

Why is my electric fence clicking but not working?

You’ve already got a bit of an idea right there, but that isn’t enough for you, is it? Well, it’s time to elaborate then.

electric fence

Insufficient voltage

If you’ve been dealing with electric fences for any length of time, you should know that they need to provide a more powerful shock in order to dissuade animals from trying to breach the fence.

However, it makes an annoying clicking noise when the voltage drops too low. If you look at this fence, you might think it’s alive, but in reality, it won’t startle cattle enough to keep them inside.

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Damaged fence wire

You already know how important the fence wire is if you really want to keep your cattle safe. If that wire breaks or gets damaged somehow, you’ll probably hear the clicking, but the fence will still be far from working smoothly.

Corroded connection

Corroded or dirty connections too can be the culprit here. After all, they can easily disrupt the flow of electricity and make a clicking sound without letting the fence be effective.

Loose connections

Just like the corroded connections, this one too can cause an interruption in electricity flow. So, if you’re fence is clicking but not working, then you better check the connection first.

Interference from other devices

Will you also be installing additional electronic devices in the area surrounding your fence? If that’s the case, their interference is hardly unthinkable. In such a circumstance, you may hear the clicking, but the fence may not function as you anticipate.

Faulty ground system

If somehow the water intrudes into your ground system, all you can expect is the clicking. So, that’s what you’re seeing right now, don’t forget to check your ground system’s voltage once you reconnect it.

How do I stop my electric fence from clicking?

Well, clicking is surely a problem, and when there’s a problem, the need to fix it pops up as well. So, here’s what you can do when you’re fence is making you hear the clicking every now and then.

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How do I stop my electric fence from clicking?

Well, clicking is surely a problem, and when there’s a problem, the need to fix it pops up as well. So, here’s what you can do when you’re fence is making you hear the clicking every now and then.

Step – 1: Checking the battery

When the battery is low, a clicking noise might become inevitable. So, give it a check and be sure about the voltage status. If that’s what messing up with the fence and making the click, simply replace it.

Step – 2: Fix up fence wiring

If the battery is okay and you’re still hearing the click, the next thing you should check is the fence wiring. After all, damaged wiring too can cause the issue. When you see any damage there, fix it up as soon as possible. This should stop the click.

Step – 3: Check the insulators

Don’t get surprised if you see the insulators are missing or broken. FYI, it too can cause the fence to short out and trigger the clicking noise. If you find them damaged, replace them and make sure you’re getting the ones with a compatible configuration. (Read details about is electric fences legal?)

Step – 4: Check the ground issues

Check the ground if you’re done with inspecting the other components. A clicking sound can also be produced by the fence if it is not properly grounded. If there’s a lack of proper grounding to blame for the clicking, that needs to be fixed right away.

Step – 5: Call a professional

In case none of the steps worked for you, you better call a professional and run a proper diagnosis.

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1: What if the charger is causing the click?

If you think the charger is causing the click, check its voltage. In case the voltage is up to the mark there, the problem is probably caused by the fence. (Learn how to make electric fence chargers rainproof.)

2: Which one is the best harmless alternative if the electric fence is not working?

A regular fence should be able to do the trick here. After all, for years, farmers have been using this kind of fence.

3: Should you worry about the whirring noise too?

It’s better to stay on the safe side. So, if you’re hearing this, you should let a professional check it all out.

Final words

The fence you’ve installed for your cattle is also electric stuff, and like any other electric device, this one too can mishave, such as clicking. But we bet, with the right steps, fixing that up shouldn’t be a big deal for you anymore.

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