Are Electric Fence Chargers Waterproof? How to Make it Rain Proof?

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Yes and No. Most high-quality electric fence chargers come in weatherproof insulating boxes which can effectively survive rainfall, snow, and excessive moisture. Some old models don’t come with any such insulators, so they aren’t waterproof. In any case, you should always mount the fence charger in a shady area protected from rain and snow.

Even the waterproof fence chargers fail to survive heavy rain and snowfall. Moisture and dirt eventually get trapped in the closed insulator causing it to fail or short out.

So, are electric fence chargers waterproof? How to protect your fence charger from moisture? Let’s find out!

Can rain trigger an electric fence alarm?

Yes, rain can trigger an electric fence alarm if the fence charger or energizer is affected by moisture. Besides, the rain can make the vegetation near the fence clump together and touch the fence which also triggers the alarm. Here are the details-

Moisture in the insulator

Most manufacturers provide an insulating box to protect the fence charger from weather damage. However, dirt, dust, sunlight, and other environmental factors often cause it to wear. As a result, the insulator might crack in places.

When it rains, the water enters through the cracked insulator and lowers the resistance of the charger. Hence, the charger voltage drops below a standard level and the alarm starts ringing.

Vegetation or other objects

Heavy rain and wind can bring vegetation or other objects near the electric fence. When the vegetation or object makes contact with a live and earth wire for more than three seconds, the alarm will turn on.

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Is it ok to leave electric fence on in rain?

Yes, it is OK to leave your electric fence on while it’s raining. Electric fences are designed to remain functional in any type of weather including rain. As long as your fence charger and insulator are intact, there’s nothing to worry about.

However, in some rare cases, you might face the following issues:

Are Electric Fence Chargers Waterproof

Where should I mount my electric fence charger?

According to experts, electric fences should be installed in a building or high location so that rodents can’t damage the wires. You should mount your AC/DC electric fence charger in a dry, clean, and sheltered area where it’s protected from dust, dirt, direct sunlight, and moisture.

As for solar electric fence chargers, place them off the ground in a clean location with sufficient sunlight. Below are the details –

Mounting location for ac/dc electric fence charger

Mounting location for solar electric fence charger

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How to make an electric fence charger waterproof?

Without a doubt, the best way of protecting your fence charger is to buy one that comes with an insulator. However, if you don’t have one of those chargers, you’ll need a separate insulator to make your charger waterproof. You can either buy one or make one yourself.

While purchasing charger insulators, get the porcelain tube-type ones as they are long-lasting. Or, you can make one by yourself. Here’s how to make a DIY waterproof insulator for your electric fence charger –

Things you’ll need

Step One: Purchase a plastic box

First, measure the dimensions of your electric fence charger. The box you’ll be using for insulation must be larger than the charger. Also, it must have a lid so that you can open and clean the area regularly. This type of box is cheap, available only at $5-$6 on Amazon. (Read details about is electric fences legal?)

Step Two: Drill holes for wires

Now, you need to drill two holes for the positive wire and ground wire of the fence charger. Attach a 1/2-inch or 3/8-inch drill to your drill machine. Choose one side of the box for drilling. Drive the drill to make two small holes at a one-inch distance. Now, use a hole saw to make a slightly large hole for the extension cord.

Step Three: Mount the plastic box

If you’ve already mounted the charger, first you need to take it off. Disconnect the charger first and remove all the wires attached to it. Now, place the plastic box on the mounting location. The drilled holes should be downwards facing the ground. Drill some bolts in the box to lock it in place.

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Step Four: Place the charger inside the box

Now, set the fence charger in the middle area of the box. Use the mounting bolts to lock the charger in place. After that, insert the positive and negative wires through the small drilled holes and reconnect them to the charger.

Bring in the extension cord through the large hole and plug it into the charger. When you’re done, lock the box with its lid. This way, water won’t penetrate the plastic box and your charger will be protected from harsh weather conditions.

How to make an electric fence charger waterproof?

Wrapping up!

So, are electric fence chargers waterproof? Now you know the answer. Weatherproof fence chargers come with insulators that remain waterproof for a year or two. However, after some time, the insulator starts to wear and the water might get into the internal electric system.

So, mount the charger in a sheltered area far from the sun and moisture. Ensure regular maintenance and the insulator will resist water for a long time.

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