The Best Western Saddles for Arabians Horse – Lets Check!

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There is a charm in an Arabian horse that is undeniable!!!

Admit it!

With its arched neck, dished face, and large, expressive eyes, the Arabian is a true masterpiece of the equine world. Beauty, gentleness, intelligence, stamina, grace, loyalty – there are a million reasons to fall in love with the Arab horse!

And guess what?

The breed is over 5,000 years old which means the Arab horse is the oldest horse breed in the world. But, to ride on this awesome creature, you have to use a saddle like other horses, right?

Yes, it’s a must.

Wondering what will be the best fitting saddle for the Arabian horse? Don’t worry, today we’re gonna talk about everything related to saddling Arabian horses such as how to choose a saddle for a horse, saddling fitting guide, and reviewing some of the Best western saddles for Arabians.

Sounds like a perfect guide for you?

So let’s get down to business…….

But first…….Do Arabians need special saddles?

We all love Arab horses of their beauty.

This beauty actually comes from their unique physical shape and characteristics, like 

As a result, finding the right saddle type for this breed is always challenging, especially the western saddle. 

Here is why:

Western saddles are designed to distribute the rider’s weight over a larger surface area. However, they tend to be longer and heavier than English saddles and may not fit the shorter back and broader shoulders of the Arabian horse.

So what’s the point?

If you are considering using a Western saddle on an Arabian horse, first make sure the saddle fits properly and does not put pressure on the horse’s withers or spine. We also recommend taking the help of a saddle fitter or tack shop that specializes in fitting saddles for Arabian horses.

Our top handpicked #3 best western saddles for Arabian horse

Yes, the western saddle doesn’t go well with Arab horses.


Some Western saddle manufacturers notice carefully that both riders and horses are suffering. Thankfully, they come with some fantastic saddles specifically designed for Arabian horses. 

What’s so special about them?

Well, these saddles typically have a shorter tree length, a wider gullet, and a flatter seat to accommodate the horse’s unique conformation. And we gonna review some of them……

#1 Arabian horse western saddle – A Jazzy, yet handy cowboy saddle design!

Arabian Horse Western Saddle

The scoop:

On the trail, you will feel like a true king with this saddle!

No, we’re not exaggerating.

The brown suede finish gives it an elegant look that is noticeable from afar. But this saddle is just about the look. The combination of safety, design, and comfort takes it to a whole new level. Here is what you gonna get with this saddle set…….

Material, design & color

Made from 100% Premium Leather, this pleasure trail tack set is totally unique. The things we love most are the hand-carved floral along with basket weave tooling.

Plus…the brown shade is like a cherry on top!

You will also get a Matching Headstall Breast Collar with the saddle which goes perfectly well to give you a cowboy look. Overall, for design, this saddle will get 10 out of 10!

Seat & pad

We think 4″ Deep Seat is pretty comfortable for any adult.

It’s actually more than enough for most of us! Well-padded suede seats are so comfy that you can ride the whole day without getting bored (or feeling any discomfort).

Wait for a second,,,, that doesn’t end there.

The fit is incredibly homely, with ample padding to ensure that your horse remains comfortable even on super-long rides.

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The horn is 3″ Long- kinda ok from our perspective.

While the deep seat provides a secure and comfortable ride, the high cantle(4”) and horn make it easy to control your horse when necessary.

The horn is positioned at a comfortable height.

So, what does it mean to you?

As the rider, you can easily control the horse without putting undue strain on its arms or shoulders. The shape of the horn is also nice, providing a functional and comfortable grip.


It’s the most unique part of this saddle.

The tree of the saddle is specifically designed to fit the conformation of Arabian horses, which can be difficult to fit with a traditional Western saddle. The tree is made from a high-quality Arabian bar which makes it lightweight yet durable.


The whole stirrup is wrapped in leather.

This may make it a little heavy but also bring that countryside cowboy vibe. The minimum length is length 30″ and the maximum 36″.

So, yeah, the average standard is met.

The show stopper is actually the Nylon reinforcement on the stirrup, even though we didn’t expect this feature in this price range.

A few drawbacks from our point of view

Undoubtedly, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship is exceptional, but that also makes it out of reach of everyone’s budget.

Another thing is…..

The deep seat and high cantle are not every rider’s cup of tea, especially for beginners. That’s why some riders may find this type of saddle to be too restrictive.

Our final thought & rating

It may sound biased, but we really love it for its design.

The leather is thick, durable, and beautifully crafted, with an eye-catching design that sets it apart from other saddles on the market. It’s time for rating…..

#2 Big horn synthetic Arabian saddle – best for carrying heavy riders

Big horn synthetic arabian saddle

The scoop:

The smooth, supple synthetic of the Big Horn Arabian saddle perfectly complements the horse’s glossy coat.

And the result?

A stunning visual contrast that is hard to ignore. 

The combination of the horse’s sleek and elegant look with the intricate details of this top-notch saddle is truly breathtaking.

Material, design & color

There are two options on your hand when it comes to its finish- brown or classic black.

……….we choose the black (an all-time classic) though.

The intricate tooling and decorative stitching of this saddle add a touch of sophistication and chic, making the horse and rider stand out in any arena.

Now come to the material.

Covered in fiberglass, this saddle is engraved in sterling silver-plated conchos. As the horse moves, the saddle moves with it, creating a harmonious dance between you and your horse.

Seat & pad

15.5″ or 16.5″ grain out seat.

And both are padded obviously. It seems that the seat and pad of this western saddle are well-balanced with each other.

Most importantly…….. comfy as hell!

Just try it, you’ll thank us when saddling up next time.


After reading the name of the saddle, you already get that this will be pretty big.

And yes, that’s true.

The horn is 2.5″ x 2.75″. For the Arabian horse, this is the perfect horn size. As the saddle is pretty lightweight, this will be good for ponies with back issues.


Wait… you have any idea what is saddle tree?

Allow us to explain………

The tree of a saddle is its inner frame, which supports the rider’s weight and distributes it evenly over the horse’s back.

This Synthetic Arabian saddle is designed with a wood tree, gullet, and Arabian bars. The combination of these 3 trees makes it Not only comfortable and secure but also allows for a close contact feel between the rider and the horse.


We all know……The stirrups are part of the saddle where the rider places their feet.

Now, Notice the stirrup from close?

Yes, it’s Ralide with a laced foot pad. Ralide is a type of plastic that is often used in saddle trees and stirrup attachments because of its strength and to improve the rider’s stability and balance while riding.

A few drawbacks from our point of view

This is actually more appropriate for short-backed horses or ponies. So, you can’t use this for other horses.

Apart from that, the cinch strap actually disappoint us a little bit.

Our final thoughts & rating

Synthetic saddles surely will be a good choice for riders who want a low-maintenance option that can withstand harsh weather and riding conditions.

#3 Dakota trail saddle – a lightweight traditional style Arabian saddle

It can help keep your saddle in good condition which can lead to improved performance when riding. 1

The scoop:

First, let us confess something…….

This saddle is a little pricey (well, maybe more than a little).

But if the price tag is not an issue for you, this is the best brand saddle, and this saddle will the greatest investment in your pony accessories. Let’s see why……

Material, design & color

If you’re a minimalist, you will love this leather saddle!

The clean lines with an angled rear dee, this saddle brings a simple yet traditional Arab look. Though the front part is pure black, the back part is brownish.

We also adore the 24″ long Skirts (though it’s Artificial wool lined, the finish was so dope!)

Seat & pad

A leather grain out seat- we loved it so much!!!!

The seat is padded with a high-density foam that molds to your body for a personalized fit. 

How cool is that?

And look at the seat size-15.5″!!

Even if you are a bodybuilder, you will perfectly fit well. Besides, the seat is also designed with a comfortable 4-inch cantle and a 3-inch horn, making it easy to maintain proper posture and balance while riding.


The 1.5″ high horn is fully leather covered.

And we think it’s good enough to provide the rider with a secure grip while riding on the trail.

And the cap size?

It’s 3″.

The horn is also reinforced with a strong metal core to ensure that it can withstand the rigors of trail riding. You can also use this as an attaching gear, such as…


With a semi-quarter horse bar, the tree is specifically designed to fit the unique conformation of Arabian horses only.

Good for you!

The fiberglass covering on the tree helps to ensure that it is durable and long-lasting, even with frequent use on the trail.


Features a set of high-quality 2 1/2″ with Blevins Buckles on the saddle, which are designed to provide a comfortable and secure footing for the rider while on the trail.

The rigging flaps are also quite decent and probably made from leather.

A few drawbacks from our point of view

During the testing, we feel like this saddle seat is kinda rough out. To solve the issue, we put a seat cover on and it works fine.

Our final thoughts & rating

The Dakota Arabian Trail Saddle 5320 also includes a number of convenient features for trail riding, including….

So, yeah, if you are into trail riding, this will be the best bang for the buck for you. now it’s rating time…..

What is the difference between these three saddles?

Product NameSize RangeSaddle MaterialSaddle TypeSuitable ActivityAdditional Information
Big Horn Synthetic Arabian15.5″ – 16.5″SyntheticArabianPleasure, TrailLightweight and easy to clean, available in three saddle color options.
Arabian Horse Western Saddle15″ – 17″LeatherWestern, ArabianPleasure, Trail, ShowTooled design on the leather, available in three size options.
Dakota Arabian Saddle15″ – 16″Leather and Cordura CombinationArabian, TrailTrailMade with a combination of leather and Cordura, lightweight.

Final verdict……

Watching an Arabian horse in motion is a truly mesmerizing experience, as it seems to move with a natural rhythm and balance that is unparalleled in the equine world.

Don’t even try to deny it!

That’s why you should be careful while choosing the saddle so that it goes well with their high, suspended trot and a flowing, ground-covering canter.

A perfect saddle can help your pony to glide across the ground with effortless grace. This is your end goal, right?

So, choose wisely!

Best of luck with saddling up your pony!

Zunnun Ahmed

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