Horse Saddles Brand – Comprehensive Guide (Western+English)

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P.S.: Don’t let those fancy carvings & catchy silver accents fool you!

From 50$ to 8000$ saddle – there is a lot of option when it comes to horse saddle. Ever wonder what makes the difference actually?

It’s simple- quality (aka brand).

What they say- “Brands and quality come hand in hand”. Is it really true? 

Hell No! 

Remember – All that glitters are not gold. The same rules go for saddle brands too. 

Manufacturers use cheesy marketing to pretend that they are a brand and provide high-quality products. But in reality, It’s all a bit of a gamble. The main purpose was just to make money.

Stay away from them!

Because it is not just a matter of a penny, your horse’s security is always related to that. Today we’re gonna talk about a few horse saddle brands that impress us with their top-notch saddle accessories.

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Fabtron Saddles

Fabtron Saddles

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High Horse Saddles

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But why does band matter when buying horse saddles?

You know the answer already – quality!

Yes, you will find a 50$ saddle but what’s the point if it doesn’t serve your purpose? That’s a fact. It’s true that branded saddles are pricey but in return, you will get-

In a word- a peace of mind that you are paying for something which is worthy. A high-end saddle will give you and your horse comfort and security.

Another thing is……

The non-brand saddle may seem reasonable but you have to compromise some much-needed features like (Read more about why saddles are expensive?)

Now it’s up to you!

horse saddle and pad buying guide

Top 10 horse saddle brands 

Saddle shopping is hard.


Because most people don’t have a proper idea about how this thing works. And how to pick products and brands for their needs.

Are you in the same boat? This guide will help you to decide which brands match your need and budget. And divided it into two main sections-

Western saddle brandEnglish saddle brand
Corriente saddleWintec saddles
Double T saddlesBates saddles
Jeff smith saddleStubben saddles
Hilason saddlePessoa saddle
Circle y saddleAntares saddle

Top 5 western saddle brands

We’ll provide you with an introduction to the top 5 western saddle manufacturers. Also included the best western saddles for Arabian horses.

#1. Lightweight and durable: The perfect combination in a Corriente saddle

Corriente Saddles

Based on Anthony, the Corriente saddle is the ultimate destination for customized buckles or saddles. Fully homemade, they will make your saddle according to your budget.

Yeah, that’s right!

The thing that makes their saddle stand out from most others is that they have a wide range of saddles. Let’s see their saddle line-

And there is much more actually.

What we like about the brand:

What could be better:

#2. Double T saddles – Get the ideal fit for you and your horse

Get the ideal fit for you and your horse

Quite new in the saddlery world, this brand already made a name for its brand. Hailing from Kanpur, India, their catchy saddle design grabs the attention of horse riders from around the world.

As they claim – they use genuine D & D leather to make the saddle.

Probably that’s the secret of their stylish outlook. Another benefit of this leather is the saddle won’t rust easily.

What we like about the brand

What could be better

Read more about double T saddle

#3. The durability and longevity of a Jeff smith saddle

The durability and longevity of a Jeff smith

If you’re a big fan of the classic hand-carved, oak leather saddle, then you gonna love this brand.

What they say- “We craft saddle for the winner ride”

And that’s not just a bold statement. Their saddle is used by legendary riders like- Mary Walker, Tarin Rice, Beau Gaylen, Jakie Ganter, etc.

Based in Texas, they specialized in-

With around 36 years in the custom western tack industry, their saddle is a reliable name for horse enthusiasts.

What we like about the brand

What could be better

#4 The versatility of Hilason saddles for all levels of riders

The versatility of Hilason saddles for all levels of riders

Another old-fashioned saddle brand from Texas that works wonders!

Totally hand-finished in the USA, Hilason is one of the very few brands that provide both quality western and English saddles.

The main three subcategories are –

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a decent saddle, this brand is more than enough for you. Plus, they are under the renowned Saddlery Incorporation which already proves that their product will be good quality.

What we like about the brand

What could be better

Read more about Hilason saddle

#5. Circle y saddle – Discover the quality and tradition

Circle y saddle - Discover the quality and tradition

Heritage, love, and tradition – that’s Circle y saddle!

CELEBRATED 62 YEARS OF SADDLE industry IN 2022, Circle y saddle came a long way from the small town of Yoakum, Tx.

It’s cool, right?

A bunch of craftsmen who are doing this for decades will make your saddle- that’s something we all yearn for. Not just saddle, they also have-

What we like about the brand

What could be better?

Caution: Western saddle brands to avoid!

Read more about Circle Y saddle

5 High-End English saddle brands

These manufacturers frequently focus on producing different types of saddles that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful, and they provide a variety of models to accommodate various riding disciplines and demands.

#1. Introduction to Wintec saddles


When Wintec became the Official Saddle Supplier of ARIA, everyone started to take this brand seriously.

Oh, wait…….you probably wondering what ARIA is?

Well, It’s American Riding Instructors Association. Cutting-edge designs, Wintec saddles put a new standard on the English saddle industry. First, let us show you where they are specialized at-

An impressive collection, isn’t it? Not to mention, they are the world’s favorite synthetic saddle brand right now.  

What we like about the brand

What could be better

#2. The comfort and fit of bates saddles

The comfort and fit of bates saddles

The best artiste saddle we came across.

No, we’re not kidding.

The deadly combination of Timing, judgment, and balance- Bates saddles undoubtedly bring revolution to the horse accessories world. This brand is associated with –

Their saddle variety is pretty basic – All-purpose, Jump saddle, stock saddle, and dressage saddle. But the secret is the quality and consistency of performance. One thing is for sure- this will be your smart investment.

What we like about the brand

What could be better?

#3 Stubben saddles – The style and aesthetics

saddles - The style and aesthetics

A German businessman Johannes Stübben founded Stubben in 1894.

Yup, this brand is that much old.

And the German quality- you can be 100% tension-free buying these saddles. Their worldwide fame is for the precise handicraft saddle.

This is a family own business that truly cares about providing the finest things to you and your horse. The best thing about their accessories is the saddle tree.

What we like about the brand

What could be better

#4. Pessoa saddle – Ride with confidence

Pessoa saddle

Ever heard the name- “The Wizard”?

Yes, that Brazilian heroic equestrian Nelson Pessoa.

The name Pessoa comes from the Olympic and Pan-American medalist Nelson and Rodrigo Pessoa who burst the early 60s riding world with their accuracy.

It is the brand for that perfectionist who is looking for details. As they say- A perfectly plaid match for all stuff related to the horse.

What is so special about them?

The design and molding! Our favorite part of this brand is its naturally tanned natural saddle. Plus, these saddle has a unique panel design that ensures even, close contact. If you’re a regular rider, you know this is a pure blessing.

What we like about the brand

What could be better?

#5. Antares saddle – Achieve a close connection with your horse

Antares saddle

Let’s confess- We were not surprised to see when Antares get the Best saddle makers in France award.


That’s because Antares is the symbol of Authenticity. In a giant workshop on Saintes, with more than 30 expert French craftsmen, they make some of the finest products in-

They produce both customized and non- Customised saddles (though mostly known for custom-made). They are considered the pioneers to bring art to a saddler.

What we like about the brand

What could be better?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is the most famous saddlemaker?

Hollywood cowboy legends make Bohlin the household name for the saddle. And to mention the brand name, Corriente Saddle Co. is probably the most famous brand for a western saddle.

What brand of saddles do they use in Yellowstone?

The classic “Burns Saddlery” dominate the Yellowstone region for the last 146 years.

How much is a good quality saddle?

The range of saddles varies from 100$ to 8000$. But you have to keep at least above 800$ to get a decent saddle that will comfort you and your pony.

What is the most expensive saddle brand?

The French “Antares” produce some luxury horse saddles.

Did Gucci make horse saddles?

Yes, Gucci Australia has an equestrian collection.

It’s time to wrap! What is the best brand of horse saddles?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question. As it depends on everyone’s budget, preference, and needs. But our top favorite –

But before signing out, we want to remind you one thing- don’t waste your money on something which may not give your horse the comfort it deserves just because they are a few hundred dollars cheaper. In the end, the decision is yours!

Happy riding & Chao!

Zunnun Ahmed

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