Corrector Saddle Pad Review – Spine Reliever For Horse Riders!

By Zunnun Ahmed •  Updated: 02/07/23 •  4 min read

98% of horse riders use a type of padding between the saddle and the back of the horse. 

Ever wonder why?

Well, the primary aim of having a saddle pad is to protect the leather part of the saddle from the horse’s hair and sweat, and moisture. 

However, a saddle pad does more than that. 

It absorbs shock, improves saddle balance, minimizes friction between the saddle and the horse, and distributes pressure evenly. Wondering which saddle pad to get? 

We started a review series of saddle pad brands. And today it’s Corrector Saddle Pad Review time to find out if this seat cushion is good for your horse.

Let’s jump in!

What materials are used in the corrector saddle pad?

The Corrector seat cushions are made of quality non-absorbent and hypoallergenic materials. 

For example, the Genuine Sherpa II corrector saddle is made of sheepskin lining and the front and back edges are rolled to cushion the back of your horse perfectly.

Other materials used to make the rest of their saddle pads include….

The newer version of the protector features protective shields that are made in an envelope pad and uses many materials in this process.

A great pad for Spine reliever for horse riders!

Let’s talk about performance

If you have used a saddle that digs behind the horse’s shoulder blades, the Corrector pad improves the situation. 

By using it, you will notice a significant improvement in turnarounds. According to many riders, their problems have been solved after using the Corrector saddle pads.

The good, the bad & the ugly part

There are quite a few good reasons why you should consider Len Brown posture corrector saddle pads. 

Let us explain……

The saddle pads work well to remove pressure points and relieve pain or injury caused by ill-fitting saddles. They also offer a perfect fit on different types of horses.

The pads promote comfort by cushioning the back of your horse and absorbing pressure. Most of their saddle pads are made of sheepskin that is breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking abilities. This keeps your horse comfortable even for long day rides.

Wait, there is more!

Unlike other saddle pads, the Corrector has an additional pocket to provide fit customization. Whether you are into trail riding, barrel racing, or cutting, you can be sure to get the right saddle pad to suit your riding style.

Corrector vs csi pad – comparison to other products 

Saddle pads from different brands are designed differently and riders love them for different reasons. Other alternatives include-

If you take a closer comparison between the corrector saddle pad and the CSI pad, you will note that both pads are great in their own ways but they have some differences.

Let me show you how they work!

The CorrectorCSI pad
The Corrector pad works perfectly for saddles that are a little tighter on the shoulders, and they are easy to shimCSI pads are thicker and more supportive. Most of the pads have real wool on the part that is against the horse.
Pads are great for rope horses and barrel horses because they are lightweight, have plenty of shims, and are easy to clean.CSI pads are too thick so you will barely feel the horse’s movement.

What about the cost?

Not only are The Corrector pads quality but also reasonably priced. You can get a great deal of Len Brown corrector pads without breaking the bank. The corrector saddle pads mainly range from $250- $550 depending on the style you choose.

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What is our verdict?

The Corrector is undoubtedly one of the finest saddle pad brands out there that makes innovatively designed saddle pads. 

All in all, we really really liked the pad.

Their products provide both comfort and support and improve the performance of your horse. 

Well-designed, are of the right thickness, ensure saddle stability, and last longer- they are definitely worth the hype. Even better, they are designed to fit different types of horses

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