Showman Saddle Pad Reviews – Are They Worth It?

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Getting a horse can be an exciting experience for a horse lover. But it doesn’t end there! You need several horse essentials like a saddle, saddle pad, and other equestrian products.

Having a well-fitting saddle for your horse is great. However, your horse is likely to develop equine saddle sores if you don’t have a saddle pad. The sores result from friction between the horse’s back and the saddle, improper padding, and unbalanced loads.

With many saddle pads available, it can be overwhelming for horse owners to choose the right one. That is why I have created Showman saddle pad reviews to help you buy wisely.

Let’s find out more!

What about the cost?

Showman is a recognized horse saddle pad brand that offers quality and affordable saddle pads. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get comfortable saddle pads for your horse.

Most saddle pads on the market are expensive but with less than 100 bucks, you can get great quality pads that fit well on your horse’s back. With Showman, you can save on saddle pads.

Showman Saddle Pad

Are showman saddle pads any good?

Absolutely! Showman is your go-to brand if you need a quality wool saddle pad for your horse. The brand provides western saddle pads that solve many saddle fit issues. It doesn’t matter the discipline, Showman provides a wide range of pads and affordable options.

Showman cushions for horses are great for performance horses, cross horses, and cow horses too. They come in beautiful colors and assorted colors to meet your preferences. The color ranges from black, brown, tan, teal, and multicolored among other color spectrums.

According to different customer testimonials and answers from reviewers, Showman pads provide extra support on your horses’ wither. They also add extra comfort, especially for withered horses. The brands are of great quality and offer a perfect fit on your horse without slipping.

Other good reasons why you should consider Showman saddle pads are the cheaper costs, variety of sizes, thickness with options, breathable options and you can get a custom size.

What materials are used in the showman saddle pad?

Showman provides different saddle pad materials that are leakproof, and reduce saddle pressure. Their saddle pad materials are super absorbent, have various thicknesses, and are slip-proof.

The most common materials used to make Showman saddle pads include memory felt, wool pads, wear leathers, and fleece lining.

Why should you buy it?

There are many benefits why you should buy saddle pads from Showman. They are comfortable, fit well, durable, cool your horse, and easy to clean. The pads also have a contoured design to fit your horse perfectly.

They fill the space behind the withers hence keeping your horse comfortable. Whether you need an all-purpose wool saddle pad, a contoured saddle pad, or the best budget option, this brand has got your back.

Why should you not buy it?

Showman provides different types of pads but not every pad can meet the needs of all horse owners. Therefore, it is important to consider your horse first so that you can end up with a high-quality and colorful saddle blanket for your horse. This will prevent you from getting a pad that is too big for your horse.

According to customer reviews, some customers have complained about getting some pads that are not real leather. Others get a different color from the one in the picture.

What is the alternative?

There are other alternatives to Showman horse pads which are equally great. They include:

What is our verdict?

We recommend Showman’s horse pads because they have unmatched quality. This is one of the top brands trusted by horse owners for providing amazing products at an affordable price. Whether you are an English or Western rider, there is something for you.

You can explore a huge selection of comfortable pads that contour well to your horse’s body. Showman’s pads are shock absorbent, breathable, durable, and offer a perfect fit.

The pads offer enough clearance and keep your horse comfortable and happy during rides. Try one of their pads, and you will be impressed!

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