Expert CSI Saddle Pads Review – Should Know Before You Buy!

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CSI is one of the leading saddle pad manufacturers in the United States. Their saddle pads are trusted by trainers, Rodeo athletes, clinicians, trail riders, family horse owners, competitors, and performers.

The main reason why their saddle pads are popular is their incredible comfort and flexibility. You will find more reasons to buy. Check our detailed CSI saddle pad reviews.

Unlike other pads in the equine industry, CSI pads are the most innovative to promote equine performance and comfort. They use Flex-plate which features high-quality polycarbonate which is flexible and durable.

The flex plate creates an orthotic effect on your horse’s back for maximum comfort.

The saddle pads are made of 100% all-natural needled wool felt insert that provides both comfort and long-lasting use. They eliminate back soreness that results from poor saddle fit issues.

Read on to find out why you should choose!

What about the cost?

Unlike Showman pads, CSI pads are expensive but they are worth the money. They are well-made pads that are durable, supportive, and comfortable for your horse. So, if you are willing to spend more on a quality pad, these are the best pads ever!

CSI Saddle Pad Reviews – Everything

Are CSI saddle pads any good?

Of course, they are!

These are the most comfortable saddle pads with 100% natural needled wool liner to provide comfort and impact absorption.

The liners are available in ½-inch and 3/4-inch thicknesses so you can choose the right one depending on the back shape of your horse, riding style, or saddle fit.

Almost 85% of horse riders use the ¾-inch liner on their horses. However, riders who are into light riding or have mutton withered horses/ round backed can choose the ½ inch liner.

Horse owners searching for the best protection for their horses should consider these pads because of many good reasons.

Here’s why!

CSI pads are similar to impact gel pads that have a gel pad between felt layers to absorb and minimize trauma on the horse’s back. Instead of using gel, CSI pads use a flex plate to disperse saddle bar pressure on the back of the horse.

CSI pads are two-piece pads with a bottom piece and a top piece. The bottom piece features a traditional felt pad while the top piece is an automotive carpet. Both pieces have air holes that allow heat to escape from the horse’s back for cooling and comfort in movement.

Even better, the bottom pad is reversible, which extends the life of the pad and saves you money. The outer layer is durable and resistant to dirt and wear. 

The pads are also designed with a Velcro-in liner that makes cleaning easy. They are contoured to fit on the back of your horse with ample ventilation holes to maintain the top line dry.

The pads also have a removable liner that makes it easy to adjust the thickness. CSI pads solve soreness issues on your horse’s back from a bad-fitting saddle.

What materials are used in the CSI saddle pad?

All CSI saddle pads are made of eco-friendly materials. The liners are partly made from reclaimed wool using a needling process and natural dyes, unlike other liners that have chemical or synthetic products. 

They are made of durable wear leather that promotes durability and usability. All the wear leathers are sourced from cattle raised in America.

The liners are made from reclaimed natural wool and have natural dyes. They do not contain chemicals or other synthetic materials that can impact your horse’s body negatively.

The flex plate is made of flexible and high-tensile polymer with no memory. It doesn’t lose its protection or break with time. This guarantees you a long-lasting saddle pad. The flex plate not only distributes weight but also allows your horse to achieve a wide range of motion.

The outer part of the pad features marine-grade automotive carpeting for easy care and longevity. Like the liners, it is eco-friendly because it is made from recycled materials.

Why should you buy it?

There are dozens of reasons why you should get your horse a high-quality CSI pad. They work well with all types of saddles like treeless, flex panel, and traditional saddles. Other reasons why you should consider CSI pads include:

Why should you not buy it?

The only thing that can make you shy away from buying CSI pads is the price. Their pads are pricey, but they are worth it.

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What is the alternative?

Other alternatives to CSI saddle pads include:

What is our verdict?

CSI saddle pads are designed with your horse’s comfort in mind. The pads are unique compared to the rest on the market.

The saddle pads have a 2 ½ inch contour shape that fits better, unlike square saddle pads. They are super comfortable, supportive, and durable to meet the needs of a demanding rider. Try CSI saddle pads, and I’m sure you will be impressed!

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