Horse Treat Recipes With Apples – Horse Will Go Crazy

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Do horses eat apples? The answer is yes!

Apples are favorite snacks that most horses can’t resist. If you want to create a strong bond with your horse, give him some apple treats. While you can buy these treats, many horse owners prefer homemade horse treat recipes with apples.

This is the reason!

Most commercial horse treats have too much sugar or other harmful ingredients unsuitable for your horse. You can make healthy, nutritious, and high-quality treats for your horse with simple ingredients in less than 20 minutes.

Keep reading to find homemade apple horse treat recipes you can try. Let’s dive in!

Are apples a good treat for horses?

Absolutely! They make a good snack for your horse. Apples are all-natural healthy treats, and that is why many horse owners give their horses. 1- 2 per day make a healthy snack for your horse.

Horses have a fragile digestive system so you should avoid feeding them excess because it can cause stomach problems or colic. (Do you know horses eat chicks?)

Should you feed your horse whole apples? I’m sure you have seen many horse owners feed their horses whole fruits. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right method to use.

It is good to cut the fruit into pieces to prevent choking from horses that swallow whole fruits quickly.

Are apples a good treat for horses?

Apples as a healthy ingredient for horse treats

Apples make healthy treats for horses because they are rich in potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. The potassium in them promotes the effective working of the horse’s muscles and the fibers aid in the digestive system.

They are also rich in antioxidants that help to destroy damaged body molecules that lead to inflammation. You can feed your horse apples in different ways like baked treats, frozen treats, or mixing them with bran mash.

I know you are wondering, what kinds of apples should I feed my horse?

You can give your horse different varieties like green, red, and yellow which are all safe for horses. Here are some healthy types you can feed your horse:

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5 Best apple horse treat recipes

Looking for good treat recipes for your horse? Here are some easy-to-make apple treat recipes that your horse will love!

#1. Apple cinnamon horse treat cookies



#2. Horsey apple and carrot treat cookies



#3. Easy apple horse treats without an oven



#4. Apple oatmeal horse treats



#5. Easy frozen apple horse treats



Tips for making and storing horse treats with apples

Making most treats for horses is easy and requires just a few ingredients like apples, oats, flour, molasses, brown sugar, and much more. You can substitute molasses for honey although molasses contains more minerals and vitamins hence good for nutrition.

Be sure to clean the apples first to remove any pesticide residue and ensure there are no toxins.

Either choose to make baked treats or frozen treats depending on your liking. For baked treats, cool and store them in a sealed container and they will stay fresh in the fridge for up to one week.


Why can’t horses eat apples?

Horses do eat green apples, but you should not give them whole fruit because it can be a choking hazard. Cut the fruit into slices and give it to your horse.

How many apples can I give my horse?

Apples are horses’ traditional favorite treat. However, it is good to give your horse in moderation. 1-2 per day is great. Avoid giving your horse too many apples because it can cause colic and stomach upset.


There are different types of treats you can spoil your horse with. It could be bananas, carrots, apples, watermelons, and much more. Have some fun in your kitchen by making homemade horse treats, and your horse will go crazy.

I hope you have enjoyed and grasped a few ideas for making healthy snacks for your horses. Be sure to try the above horse treat recipes with apples, and your equine partner will thank you!

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