Weaver Leather Saddle Pad Review – 9 Points Revealed!

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More than 98% of riders use a layer of padding between the saddle and the horse’s back.

Ever wonder why is that?

That’s because it’s more than looks!

Adding a quality saddle pad on the back of your horse ensures there is a maximum distribution of weight. 

Plus……It also cushions your horse during jumps to prevent injuries.

When it comes to western saddle pads, weaver leather is the kinda big cheese. We all know, this is a reputable company that offers affordable and high-quality saddle pads. But is it really worth that spotlight? In this weaver leather saddle pad review, we’re gonna talk about all the things you are curious about.

Let’s spill the beans…….

Summary table

Types of pads– Different types of pads.
Cushioning and material– Sufficient cushioning, Wool to felt.
Fit and Stability– Weather pads offer a great fit.
Specialty Features– Moisture-wicking wool.
Maintenance and Cleaning– Wash the pad regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Cost and Durability– As low as $20 and as high as $200. Check for manufacturer’s warranties or guarantees.
Summary– To ensure your horse’s comfort and prevent discomfort, irritation, and overheating, choose a weaver pad that is easy to clean.

Weaver leather saddle pad review (We have found 5 points)

Weaver leather saddle pad

#1. First thing first….material of weaver saddle pad!

Looks like weaver leather uses different types of materials. 

Here is what we mean by that…..

The all-purpose contoured saddle pad is made of luxurious merino wool and fleece liner to wick moisture and provide more cushioning and comfort.

The rest of their saddle pads are made of 100% wool felt, top grain leather, felt liner, and heavy-duty fabric to provide long-lasting use.

But overall, we would say the quality is satisfactory!

#2. Performance

Fit well and contour with the back of your horse

……….. that’s what we can say about their performance!

Unlike other saddle pads, Weather pads offer a great fit so you worry less about the pad shifting when riding. The quality construction and material provide an unmatched level of comfort to your performance horse.

#3. What about the cost?

I’m sure you have heard the saying “You get what you pay for”. However, this is not the case when it comes to weaver leather saddle pads.

Let me show you why!

With weaver leather, you can get the best saddle pad without compromising the material. The brand provides high-quality for added cushioning, relieving pressure points, and promoting comfortable horseback riding.

It doesn’t matter your saddle pad budget – you can get a saddle pad for as low as $20 and as high as $200. 

#4. For whom is it designed?

Whether you are into trail riding, training, work, ranch, redo, or performance, weaver offers a huge selection of saddle pads to suit your discipline.

Their saddle pads also offer a secure fit even if you have a high-withered horse. They contour well to the spine while maximizing airflow at the back of your horse.

But yes, this is best for trail riding.

#5. Craftsmanship!

Hands off to them!

We can say one thing-Thoughtful designed by those genius craftsmen.

Weaver is proudly made in America. Therefore, you are sure about the professional quality, reliable performance, and premium materials.

All their pads are made using fine materials to ensure they offer exceptional performance even in the most demanding condition.

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Why should you buy it?

Why should you not buy it?

Weaver Leather provides top-notch saddle pads. 

However, like any product, you expect some downsides. For example, the saddle pads are too thin in the getta grip.

Our other complaint is….. the edges roll up quite easily which is kinda disturbing.

What is the alternative?

Weather Leather is among the top brands that provide quality western saddle pads for western saddles. 

However, there are other alternatives to this brand:

Check a comparison of Weaver Leather pads to other western saddle pad brands to have an idea…..

Weaver leatherClassic EquineDiamond wool
They are made from premium quality materials with durable stitching.

The saddle pads are affordable, provide extra cushioning and there are plenty of options to choose from.
Classic Equine provides all saddle pads at reasonable prices.

They have a huge selection of COP saddle pads, felt pads, classic work pads, zone felt pads, blanket top felt pads, kid’s saddle felt pads, and much more.
Diamond Wool is popular for making fine selections of wool felt saddle pads for western saddles.

Their saddle pads are handcrafted with the best materials to provide flexibility and meet your needs. Like Weaver leather, their pads are also affordable.

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What is our verdict?

We recommend weather leather saddle pads to any horse rider looking for high-quality pads at a pocket-friendly price. 

Truly a horse and rider’s dream!!!!

The company makes well-fitting pads that contour perfectly on your horse’s back. Whether you need a purpose saddle pad or a contoured pad, they have all that.

Whether you are a recreation or professional rider, Weaver has got you can trust. Even better, the brand offers a wide range of training aids, and saddle blankets among other equine products.

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