How Much is My Circle Y Saddle Worth? A Comprehensive Guide

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Have you owned a circle y saddle and are curious to know “how much is my circle y saddle worth?”

“Circle y saddle is a worthy choice from workmanship and overall construction perspective. It is made of high-quality leather, which makes it super durable. In addition, it provides excellent back support and spine stability” But a used saddle’s average worth is $625 to $3,300.

In this guide, we will explain details about the circle y saddle. So, you will know the pros, cons, and performance of this saddle. Also, you will get a comparison of the circle y saddle and another branded saddle.


14" to 17" Circle Y Alabama Flex2

  • Weight: 25 lbs
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Circle Y Julie Goodnight

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Are circle y saddles good?

Yes, it is good from almost all perspectives. Let’s know the amazing advantages of this saddle.

How much is my circle y saddle worth?

The worth of a used circle y saddle depends on existing condition, saddle style, and age. But the average price is between $625 to $3,300.

Here are some common reasons you might want to sell a used Y saddle. The circle y saddle has been outgrown by the horse or needs to fit perfectly with the horse’s back. Generally, y saddle owners are curious to know the maximum and minimum worth of that saddle.

Good to know that the brand-new saddle is highly expensive. That is why the saddle owner can claim or sell a used saddle at a higher price. But please claim a price according to the existing condition of your saddle. If your used saddle looks fairly new and is in the ideal style and size, you can sell it for half the original price.

On the other hand, if a used circle y saddle is old and worn, you may need to sell it at a lower price. So, the worth of your y saddle depends on the mentioned considerations.

How much is my circle y saddle worth?

What materials are used in my circle y saddle?

The materials used in a Circle Y saddle may vary depending on the specific model and style of saddle. The saddle may be made of leather, synthetic materials, and metal hardware.

Also, note that the saddle is made of soft leather with decorative silver that ensures the demand of western discipline. Besides, some y saddle is decorated with conchos and stainless-steel embellishments.

Do my circle y saddles fit most horses?

These saddles are designed to fit a range of horse sizes, but each saddle model may have different fit characteristics that make it more or less suitable for certain horses.

In general, selecting a saddle that fits the horse well is important to ensure the comfort and safety of both the rider and the horse. Factors that can affect saddle fit include:

To determine whether a Circle Y saddle will fit a particular horse, it is best to consult with a qualified saddle fitter or try the saddle on the horse to see how it fits. It is also a good idea to read reviews and ask for recommendations from other riders who have used the saddle on similar horses.

The performance of a circle y saddle

Generally, the performance of a circle y saddle can depend on some crucial factors, including the quality of the materials used to construct the saddle, the fit of the saddle for the rider and horse, and the intended use of the saddle.

It is also important to select a saddle that is appropriate for the specific needs of the horse and rider. Besides, make sure that the saddle is properly fitted and maintained.

However, it has a reputation for its performance so far. Since it comes from 50 years of the old reputed brand so you can rely on its performance.

The performance of this saddle

Comparison between a circle y saddle and a traditional saddle


It has come from 50 years of the reputed brand “Circle Y”. On the contrary, the traditional saddle comes from both reputed and non-reputed manufacturers.

Durability and comfort:

This saddle always guarantees durability and comfort. But it would help if you analyzed a lot to get a durable and comfortable saddle from thousands of traditional brands.


Its saddle is made of high-quality soft leather and heavy-duty hardware. But the traditional saddle might be made of low-quality leather and hardware. 


It is available in various sizes and styles to fit riders and horses. But traditional saddles may offer less customization and may not fit as well as a Circle Y saddle.


Circle Y saddles are more expensive than traditional saddles due to their higher-quality materials and construction. Traditional saddles may be a more budget-friendly option for some riders.

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Why do you buy it?

I asked why I bought a circle y saddle then we would repeat some factors mentioned above in this guide. The quality construction material, best performance, perfect fit with a variety of horses, customization convenience, durability, and user comfort are some ideal reasons to buy this saddle.

Why do you not buy it?

There is only one significant reason why you won’t buy it. A brand-new circle saddle is notably more expensive than another traditional saddle. Surprisingly, many horse riders dreamed of purchasing a circle y saddle but can’t purchase it because of its expensive price.

But there are a lot of used circle y saddles for sale in the market. So, the tight budget consumer can purchase a used circle y saddle.

What is the alternative of a circle y saddle?

The best alternative saddle of a circle y saddle for you will depend on specific needs, preferences, and the type of riding. We suggest some alternatives of a circle y saddle.

Hilason saddle:

Hilason saddle is known for its comfort and durability; Hilason saddles offer many styles and options.

High horse saddles:

These saddles are made by Circle Y and are designed to offer a similar level of quality and comfort at a more affordable price.

Corriente saddles:

Corriente saddlery offers a variety of saddle styles and designs, including western, endurance, and trail saddles.

Big horn saddles:

Big Horn saddles are made with high-quality materials and offer a range of options for different riding disciplines.

Double T saddles:

Double T saddles are made with synthetic materials known for their durability and easy maintenance.

Jeff smith saddle:

Introducing the Jeff Smith Saddle: the perfect saddle for any horse and rider. Handcrafted with superior-quality leather.


How long do my circles y saddles take to come in?

The delivery time of your circle y saddle depends on the availability of the saddle, the shipping location, and the method. But it generally takes 8-10 weeks to come to your y saddle from the manufacturer. Also, note that the shipping time might increase up to 4.5 months due to the higher shipping volume.

Where are my circle y saddles made?

Circle Y saddles are made in Yoakum, Texas, USA. The company has been manufacturing saddles and horse-riding equipment in the United States since 1960. They are known for their high-quality products and commitment to traditional saddle-making techniques.


Final verdict:

We hope you got the answer to the query “How much is my circle y saddle worth?” it is a well-known brand of saddles for their durability and comfort for both horse and rider. The worth of a used saddle from the circle Y brand is about $625 to $3,300.

Remember that the older circle y saddles worth depends on the condition of the saddle and the existing outlook of the saddle. If it looks new and sturdy, you can sell it for half the price of the original buying price. On the contrary, the worn slit condition may decrease the price.

By the way, it is possible to sell a circle y saddle at a good price because of its durability, comfort, and performance. Besides, the reputation also had a positive impact on y saddle.

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