The Jeff Smith Saddle Reviews: Unbeatable Quality and Style

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Let’s be honest – What is the main obstacle you face while horse riding?

Horse’s center of gravity, right?

We all have been there!

And lucky the saddle comes here as the lifesaver for horse lovers like us. A properly fitted saddle not only protects the back of your horse but also ensures comfort and safety.

But you know what else?

When buying a saddle for your horse, not only should you consider the fit but also you’re riding style and saddle material. That’s why brands are so important.

Did you notice that Jeff Smith’s saddles create quite a buzz recently in the horse-riding world?

In our Jeff Smith saddle reviews, you will learn more about this top saddle brand and what’s our takeaway on this new brand.

Let’s get right into it!

So, are jeff smith saddles good?

No doubt about it!

Jeff Smith is one of the most reputable saddle brands that provides a collection of high-quality saddles with a high level of craftsmanship. 

Quality is just 1000%.

That is what sets them apart from other saddle brands. Horse riders looking for comfortable saddles customized for their horses can depend on Jeff Smith for unmatched quality and better results.

And it doesn’t end there!

There are many more reasons why you should buy Jeff Smith saddles, which you will find later.

are jeff smith saddles good?

What materials are used in the jeff smith saddle?

The engineering and the design – are the reason horse riders love this saddle brand.

All their saddle trees have quarter-horse bars. The other parts of the saddle use top-quality materials like 

The combination of these materials results in comfortable saddles that bring the best results. Their horse saddles are made of quality materials to provide great performance and long-term use. 

Considering the price and the material, their saddle is the best bang for the buck.

Notable jeff smith saddle features that take the brand to another level

Jeff Smith is trusted by professional horse riders. Their saddles are not only good-looking but also have many attractive features.

Let’s dig deeper into the detail of these saddles!

#1. Handcrafted saddles

The saddles are all handcrafted using the finest American leather. As a result, they are beautiful yet have top-notch functionality.

#2. Front latigo and rear girth

This is something very distinguishable as not many brands are eager to put so much effort into small details like this. And we love Jeff Smith for this reason- all their saddles are made with front Latigo and a rear girth.

#3. A wide range of saddles

Whether you need a barrel saddle or a cow horse saddle, they have got you covered. Their series of saddles include the following:

#4. Custom saddle

Get a customizable saddle to suit your personal preference. 

How fascinating is that?

So, you have the freedom to choose the details of your saddle. In addition, they can help you create the type of saddle you need and have all your questions answered by professionals. 

We just fell in love with their cowboy collection of saddles. This is in their economy line and handled by wholesale dealers.

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#5. 10-Year tree guarantee

Yes, 10 years!

The best thing about their saddle trees is they all feature full quarter horse bars for longevity. The company provides a 10-year guarantee on trees for all their custom saddle trees, which is pretty impressive.

Jeff Smiths saddles

#6. Design and fit

According to a report by Emily Bevan, many horse riders use incorrectly fitting saddles on their horses. 

And that’s quite alarming!!!!

The findings of her report are as follows:

What does this mean for you?

This is a clear indication that horse riders need to address the issue of poorly fitting saddles. And that is where Jeff Smith comes in!

Do Jeff Smith Saddles Fit Most Horses?

The good thing about Jeff Smith is they understand the importance of a well-fitting saddle. They make custom saddles that fit most horses perfectly. Their saddles are comfortable for your and your horse.

#7. Performance

Get a Jeff Smith seat, and you don’t have to worry about the performance. 

We’re not kidding at all!

They make excellent customized saddles that are sturdy and perform well even for long trail rides. Professional riders swear by Jeff Smith saddles because they hold up perfectly in the arena.

Jeff Smith saddles have the right design and they offer a comfortable fit on your horse. This keeps you and your horse comfortable when riding.

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What about the cost?

If you have a saddle budget of $2000 – $4000, you can get yourself a high-quality saddle from Jeff Smith that will last for many years.

It’s decision time!!!!

Why do you buy it?
  • Customized saddles to meet your preference.
  • Comfortable and well-fitting saddle.
  • Horse saddles are engineered with great craftsmanship.
  • Quality and beautiful saddles.
  • Great saddles that winners ride.
  • Sturdy saddles that hold up well.
Why do you not buy it?
  • Some cutters find the swell too high with little contact with the horse.
  • Their saddles are quite expensive.

What is the alternative?

Alternatives to Jeff Smith saddles include 

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long do Jeff Smith saddles take to come in?

Ans: For a custom-ordered saddle, you have to wait between 12-14 weeks. However, the waiting period can be more depending on the current orders loads or if it is around holidays.

Q. Where are Jeff Smith’s saddles made?

Ans: Jeff Smith’s saddles are proudly made in the United States. The saddles are designed and handmade in Texas, and they are ridden competitively all over the world.

Q. How much does a Jeff smith saddle weigh?

Ans: The weight of the saddles varies depending on the type of saddle. For instance, barrel saddles weigh around 28 lbs – 32 lbs.

Other saddle types like cutters, cow horses, and ranch cutters weigh between 40 lbs – 45 lbs based on the amount of oil used to make the saddle. For custom orders, you can ask for a single or short skirt to make your saddle lightweight.

How are Jeff Smith’s custom saddles rated?

Definitely, Jeff Smith’s saddles are good-especially for customer-made pieces!

And we would say a bit underrated.

Their products are of superior quality and provide value for your money and this makes them stand out from other saddles on the market. 

And rating? 4 out of 5!

Whenever you need a custom-made seat for your horse, reach them to work on it and you will enjoy doing business with Jeff Smith.

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