Corriente Saddles Review – 8 Reasons Why You Choose This Brand!

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There are a lot of horse accessories you need, and the most important one is a saddle. Choosing the right saddle is beneficial to you and your horse as well. It keeps you safe and comfortable throughout the rides and distributes the rider’s weight perfectly on the horse’s back.

With the many saddle makers on the market, it can be pretty overwhelming to pick a nice saddle that matches your personal preference.

One of the most reputable makers you can trust. What makes their saddles stand out?

Let’s find out in our Corriente saddle reviews!

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Are corriente saddles good?

You’re go-to saddle brand if you are looking for a decent one for your horse. This is a favorite brand for many owners who pride themselves on manufacturing quality saddles that suit different types of horses.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Their saddles are good because they are super comfortable and fit perfectly on your horse’s back. It doesn’t matter the type of horse you ride, fit fat horses, skinny horses, tall withers, and round withers.

All their saddles are handmade with quality materials and easily customizable. The company has a huge selection of good-looking team roping saddles, custom barrel racing, trophy awards, and youth kids among others.

Are corriente saddles good

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Corriente

There are many reasons why many horse riders choose this. Below are the top 9 benefits.

#1. Unmatched comfort

Corriente company manufactures the most comfortable saddles that hold up well. Not only do they fit the horse rider comfortably but also on any horse. They make the right size to make your rides comfy.

#2. Quality craftsmanship

You can never go wrong with Corriente because they are designed using high-quality materials, unlike other brands that use poorer trees. The saddles are durable compared to many models on the market, hence giving you great value for your money.

#3. Customizable

Another great reason is plenty of customizable options. It doesn’t matter the type of saddle you want, they’ve got your back. They can add your brand, lettering, and cards to the saddles to give you personalized saddles. The saddle-savvy company manufactures different custom saddles which include:

#4. Great customer service

Corriente offers exceptional customer service. According to many reviews from people who have purchased from the company, they are impressed with the amazing customer service.

#5. What materials are used?

Handmade. They use pine wood with natural rawhide covers to make their saddles. This results in saddles with superb strength, durability, and perfect fit.

corriente saddle

#6. Design and fit:

Have you ever used saddles with poor fitting? I know the feeling!

The good news is Corriente has a great design and fit. They come in different designs and they fit different types of horses. Dr. Sean Eastman, one of the most known large animal veterinarians in South Carolina tested saddle fittings for 10 different saddles from 10 different companies.

According to his results, he was impressed that Corriente’s saddles are very nice, and they fit horses pretty well.

#7. Performance

It is not only comfortable but they hold up well even for hard users. The saddles from this reputable maker perform well for long rides on all types of horses.

#8. What about the cost?

Corriente makes affordable saddles that last for many years. With a saddle budget of $900 – $1200, you can get yourself a quality and comfortable one for the price.

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Do corriente fit most horses?


Corriente company understands the importance of fit. They make well-fitting saddles with excellent sweat patterns and fit a variety of horses. These are highly recommended saddles that don’t have any issues.

The tackles are good for horses with round withers, tall withers, fat horses, and skinny horses. Even if you have a big, wide horse, the saddles fit best!

Take a look at how fits multiple horses:

Why should you buy it?

They offer many benefits to horse riders and your horse too. Need more reasons why you should buy?

Let’s go!

Why should you not buy it?

What is the alternative?

Apart from Corriente, other reputable western saddle brand makers are a great alternative to this brand. They include:

Why are corriente saddles so cheap?

Corriente saddles, known for their affordability, are a popular choice among equestrians seeking quality gear at a reasonable price. The reason behind their comparatively low cost can be attributed to the company’s efficient manufacturing processes and direct-to-consumer business model.

By cutting out middlemen and selling directly to customers, Corriente is able to offer their saddles at a more accessible price point.

Additionally, their focus on functionality and durability, rather than extravagant embellishments, allows them to keep production costs down without compromising on quality.

This combination of streamlined production and pragmatic design choices has made Corriente saddles an attractive option for riders looking for reliable equipment without breaking the bank

Frequently asked questions

How long do Corriente tackles take to come in?

The time frame varies depending on the saddle style you order. Typically, it can take up to four weeks to get the team to build your saddle.

Where is Corriente made?

Corriente is made in the United States. This is their address: 165 Hallas Rd, Anthony, NM 88021, USA.

What is our verdict?

A tackle is one of the most expensive horse-riding tools. That is why you should invest in a quality and comfortable saddle that will serve you for many years. If you are looking for a fantastic tackle, we highly recommend Corriente.

This company understands the problems associated with the worst saddles and they solve this problem by making the best-fitting ones. Their saddles give your horse comfort and freedom of movement. 

Unlike other brands, you will be impressed when you try one of their seat saddles. If you have a smaller budget and need a Western saddle, this is a recommended brand.

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