Are Simco Saddles Good? Discover Review Today!

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You can rarely trust a saddle just by its name. 

Because when you go through a long horse ride, you’ll discover every brand has good and bad choices. 

Where you must consider what fits you best.

Similarly, the most pressing concern comes to the place, are Simco saddles good? 

How potential is it for a versatile ride?


The most common problems a saddle carries are getting sliding as you ride, being uncomfortable to sit, having poor fabric, being unstable, hard to clean, being heavy, and so on.

Now, you may ask yourself, is it valid for Simco?

Let’s discover within a minute…

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Why Simco saddle? Uncover now…

Before we begin, I am excited to tell you about Simco. Why? Because once they ruled the saddle industry for many decades after a decade, people still find its potential in many ways.

As you explore Simco’s history, you’ll see the brand was built-in 1990. 

In the beginning, it was familiar as Simco-Longhorn. 

They manufacture barrel, trail, roping, and Arabian saddles.

If you explore a little deep, you’ll find in 1981; the Action company first bought the main Simco Leather Co. Then they kept the company separate from their business. 

In 1990, Simco grew another company called Longhorn Leather and changed the brand named Simco-Longhorn.

They maintain all their business communication through the action company at that time.

The RDH claims that the company still makes Tennessee saddles, whereas the action company claimed they moved the saddler manufacturing to Greenville, Texas 1988 and operated everything from there. 

The leading owner of the Simco was the Crates family. 

They both had a partnership and made saddles in 1930. 

It was based in Tennessee

In 1981, Simco was sold to the Action company. And the Crates incorporated a new company with the help of old Simco employees.

Now you may ask, is still Simco making saddles?

In short, Yes, they do. 

They are making Billy Cook saddlery join the Simco/Longhorn at Greenville, TX.

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Is there truly any good in Simco?

In most cases, the answer is yes. 

But riders always have their way of experiencing the saddle. 

Because someone who starts riding today is not as experienced as someone who has already ridden it for years or played professionally.

And they all have different opinions from their point of view.

Some users have used it for years, saying it’s well-made and rides many miles. 

It is good for the money but not top-of-the-line.

Some users said it mid-class saddle, and some are very high quality, custom built, with quality stitching. 

To identify good, bad, or best, you must explore some elements to make sure it is worth enough or not. 

Let’s discover what key component you must focus on when choosing Simco or any other.

simco saddles reviews

Material quality:

The first and most efficient quality you must always pay attention to when buying a saddle is; Material.

The better material your saddle is built with, the more healthy ride you’ll enjoy. 

Because there are dozens of saddle components.

It’s built with Tree, Seat, Gullet, Horn, Cantle, Skirt, Stirrups, Lether, Wool, Plastic, Security, etc.

Additional elements you can also count on your saddle the color, style, and lightweight based on your riding style.


Each component carries a different value someways. 

When you want every part to work the most, you must choose a saddle designed with all those components to get the edge of your ride.

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If you went through the 80s, a saddle was just a couple hundred dollars, now thousands.

And people today commonly buy saddles for thousands of dollars. Not every single saddle today is thousands of dollars. You have cheaper ways to move forward.

Beyond that, as you are looking for the Simco, you may not find the cheaper option mostly. Because most of the saddle you get on the market is custom-made and redesigned, giving you a much better experience when choosing the right one.

At this point, check that you are getting the same value from Simco compared to others unless you don’t waste a penny where it doesn’t belong.


The way a saddle is designed is highly crucial. 

Because the saddle is not just sitting and starting riding a horse

Your fitness is essential as important as the horse fittings. 

If they don’t match together, anything you buy never adds value to your ride. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, give it a try, or ride professionally; you must confirm how comfortable you can ride with the saddle you have bought. 

And the more flexible your saddle feels, the better quality it provides on your journey.


For luxury, comfort, and an enjoyable riding experience, Simco almost always stands out from the ground you can examine today. 

Let’s not just know it; give it a try and ride like a 

So this is all ahead as you’re looking for the Simco saddle and want to discover; are Simco saddles good or bad.

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Listen: People have many comments about almost everything. Even if they know very little about it. 

Don’t flow that crap.

Just find what you need first, then assemble the material designed for your needs. 

What are the alternative Simco saddles?

If you are looking for an alternative to Simco horse saddles, you have many choices. Other high-quality saddle manufacturers include:

In conclusion

Simco saddles are excellent for riders seeking comfort, quality, and affordability. They are available in a variety of styles to adjust to the demands of any horse owner or rider. Simco has a saddle for every horse and rider combination, from trail riding to dressage.

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