Arena Jump Saddle Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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The Arena is the name of the attention-detailed saddle design for both humans and horses. 

If you’d like to explore the Arena jump saddle reviews, then this article will give you a beyond familiarity with Arena.

Because every jump saddle is made with specific materials. And you must check those thoroughly before spending a penny.

To give your horse the absolute freedom and riding experience you may ever discover. Let’s dig deep and see what fits best for your ride.

Arena Jump Saddle

Its sleek design and meticulous craftsmanship offer riders unparalleled comfort and control. Made from premium European leather.

  • Weighs approximately 13 lbs
  • Suitable for riders of all skill levels

Are arena saddles any good?

Most saddle on the one market is poorly crafted. The materials are not strong enough; the structure is not sturdy and clueless for both rider and horse.

Arena Jump saddle is completely designed with some identical elements you may not find in any market.

Because Arena created it maintaining flat supportive seats and over-fences balance.

It’s articulated with the help of European leather. Anyone who desires to join the luxury in the riding game will always have an affordable deal with it. It’s mostly designed for jumps in difficulty or dressage or moving to play on the trail. 

The most sensational part of this jumping saddle is the High-end linings to enhance resistance. It allows you to correct the posting. 

What makes stand out is HART technologyIt’s simply ‘Horse and rider technology” to maintain both to stay comfortably, move effortlessly, and improve performance from top to bottom.

The HART technology is the combination of Protective cushioning, Precision custom adjustment, Ergonomic flex, Free movement, and Ultra rider performance. Where riders quickly experience the Cushion system, change everything almost easily, and improve performance and seat comfort. 

You may have heard of that globally renowned Saddlery Brand International. They own the Wintec and Beats.

And it is just a big part of Saddlery, so you can easily trust how they bring the new saddle to the table to give you an outrageous experience. Let’s talk about comfortability.

arena saddles guide

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What type of saddle is best for jumping?

Riders always have saddle preferences based on their riding style. Experts are used to riding various saddles, while beginners are armless. As you can see, the jumping saddle needs more attention than the rest. 

It demands managing the position of your horse and yours as well. From experience, I see riders usually use jumping for Flat, Jump, Semi-deep, deep, and close contact saddle. 

In most cases, they go for Flat and Jump saddles. And the best part is Arena Jump saddle is designed for Jumping to experience the true adventure you dream about.

Jump Saddle PROs and CONs

Every saddle is designed with good and bad elements, but you shouldn’t take Arena differently.

If you are looking for a comfortable Look, Nice quality leather, and a secure position, then this saddle will give you a fluent ride where you rarely hold back. On the other hand, do not do so many bad things you’ll get.

Because of focusing on the attention detail saddle making. It sometimes takes an extra little bit of effort. 

Some users find it more expensive than the regular price, but most expert riders answer it because the quality they provide matters most. Most riders at the beginning don’t know what they should buy for the jump ride. 

If you don’t feel better during your ride, it may cause pain in a different part of your body. This is true for the jumping horse. Let’s say you just want all the luxury for your comfort. 

That’s okay, but don’t you care about the horse’s health or its suffering? The remarkable job Arena jump saddle did was they made saddlery based on horse and human requirements. So both get the taste of mature riding from top to bottom.


What is our practical opinion?

After ordering the saddle, it knocked on the doors two days later. It feels just wow when I get the saddle and open the box. Not because of the look but because the leather is soft exists, my expectation almost instantly.

Then I checked the panel and discovered the pad and panel are very flexible, where you can easily rest your knee above the pillow with the best comfort. Interestingly, it’s designed with movable knee and thigh blocks when you link those together. This means it is a preferable customer block.

The thing that wonders me most is the weight. It’s lightweight, including everything very subtle way. 

I was so getting the proper position got more accessible for me. As I tried it, I started with the Frisby to decide if it fits well. And I uncovered its design with a medium gullet and fit my boy well.

The cantle outstandingly fits the position for mostly the Frisby confirmation. And which interestingly fixed using my correction pad. You can choose any correction pad you want based on the Frisby requirements. 

I had Frisby set up already on the horse. So I tighten the boy up to maintain my total balance. Then I gave it a shot and got excited with the Arena saddle. 

It’s a perfect fit. 

My legs comfortably hang in place. So the overall balance got to the right place. I discover the seat feels very relaxing, like a couch. And I decided first to let the boy fit with my horse so he could run well. 

The thing I love most about the arena is I can now give a long ride. Because the position gives me everything, I needed along. 

As you can see, Frisby almost always jumps sideways or sometimes finds stumble wherever you’ll find total security on your saddle.

What I’ve noticed so far?

You can rarely compare a saddle experience to another with a first shot. But what you can define is the comfort, luxury, and security it delivers. 

I find this is the most successful than any other saddle on the market in some ways. Because it confirms the security in every way for my horse and myself. I’m telling this throughout the experience. 

Because throughout the ride, I tested and experienced many saddles that didn’t give me the classic comfort inside out as Arena. Many people are insecure about affordability, which is none of their fault. And I felt the same. Because If the budget doesn’t matter, then why should we give it a try?


Regarding affordability, Arena primarily sells different versions of the saddle like Close Contact, Dressage, and  All Purposes. You’ll get almost all the sizes from kids to adults, along with the versatile style you choose.

Riders at the beginning often wonder about the pricing and ask themselves why they should spend a couple of thousands to buy a saddle.

The answer is you don’t need to. Because there are many saddles at the lowest price that anyone can try, but the challenge with those doesn’t live long. It doesn’t provide healthy riding, does not have many variations, and is designed with low-grade material.

If you like to experience high-end quality material and experience every way, then Arena saddle can move along this way.

It’s not the cost of the saddle. It’s all about the magnetic material you will get for yourself and your horse. So you can both be safe and enjoy a great ride every run.

What I've noticed about this jumping saddle?

What are the alternatives?

You may choose to look into a few different saddle alternatives for your equine instead of the traditional arena jump tack. Among the choices are:

Arena Jump Saddle

Its sleek design and meticulous craftsmanship offer riders unparalleled comfort and control. Made from premium European leather.

  • Weighs approximately 13 lbs
  • Suitable for riders of all skill levels

Last note

So this is all about how the Arena jump saddle reviews and how it’s crafted. 

If you are someone like me and want both wins from all the major parts of the riding experience, then surely no other saddles compare with Arena saddle.

And I request you not to believe my word, just examine it. 

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